Monday, November 30, 2015

A Pretty Good Week, and Turned 21!

Heya everyone so its been a pretty good week.

Biggest things that have happened is that Elizabeth will be getting baptized on December 5th (this Saturday) so keep that in your prayers.

We got two SR's this week (self referals) one of them we hope to meet with tomorrow who’s name is Gavin and the other one is Kate.

We met Kate and asked what it was that she was requesting for the visit and she said she wanted a spirit cast out of her home.

Needless to say we did it even though we didn’t feel anything bad in the home (because it’s not the first time I’ve had to cast a spirit out).

The following day we went back over and taught the Restoration.
On Saturday we had a member named Anne from over in Livingston take us out to eat and later that same day we had a lesson with Elizabeth.

We got interrupted halfway through from a friend of hers barging in saying "Amazing Grace" was in the house (she was drunk....)

Well I was keeping her occupied while E. Gullion talked about her baptism interview with her when Amazing Grace found out it was my Birthday and proceeded to give me a big hug and kiss (I couldnt get away I was helpless from me sitting and teaching on the ground from lack of seats). So that was one present I could have done without. 

On Sunday we got another new investigator named Andy who is a nice guy that we met the previous day while chapping. He knows one of the members in the branch.

Elder Kinville got a message to me that Annette went to church for the first time and brought her daughter Abbie along! I was so happy!

Some answers to  your questions:

The tie I had on was a MacGregor tie that I found so it looks similar but it isn’t the same as the one you sent me.

The meal I had was Haggis and Mash.

We didn’t meet with Leslie last week and we’ve gotten to meet a couple of the members. Most of the members are older.

Elder Gullion comes from California and lives near Sacramento.

Anyways love you all and God bless!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Birthday pictures provided by Anne. 
Thank you so much Anne for going above and beyond to help celebrate his 21st.
We love you!

Enjoy! Haggis and Mash
Happy 21st!

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