Monday, May 30, 2016

Until The End....

Heya everyone,

Got our moves call me and Elder Corcran are staying together one last transfer for me and its a 5 week. Time to kick the lead out before I go home!

I want you all to know I hate Satan. 

Last Monday we went to a castle for P-Day called Castle Roche and while there we got a call from Hussain saying he was heading to the UK for several weeks because his sister-in-law just went in to the hospital so his brother bought him a ticket to get him over there. Elder Corcran had a prompting that it would be bad for him to go so we tried to tell him but he was determined to go. 

Now we have lost contact with him and all we know is he should be back June 15th but were not even fully sure anymore because his friend who pretended to be him when we called said he's not interested. I still have hope that he'll be baptized so well just see....

Other than that met with Sheraz still trying to help him see that Jesus is the Son of God and met with Kazir. 

We invited him to be baptized and he said yes but he said he wouldn't be allowed back to India or his family if he converted so were going to see what we can do about it. Prayer is a wonderful thing!

We met a new friend named Jade who is from Oklahoma who is Agnostic but interested in learning after we told her about the BOM. 

Her mom actually investigated many years ago and still has her BOM completely highlighted.

Not much else to say so take care everyone! 

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)




Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Pretty Good Week

Heya everyone,

So this last week was another pretty good week.

So this week we got to see Hussain and we taught our buddy Lucky whose been giving us the referrals.

We taught him the Restoration and about the BOM and a little bit about the POS (Plan of Salvation).

He takes the information into his head but not quite yet into his heart because he loves to party and LOVES girls....

We also taught his friend Kazir (also known as Cash) who owns one of the stores in the local Marshes mall.

We taught him the Restoration as well and he seemed to take it a lot more in.

He took the last BOM we had for the week and says he'll read and pray to know if its true :)

Kazir and Lucky are both Indian and are me and Elder Corcran's indian duplicates in personality.

Kazir is like me and Lucky is like my comp haha!

We also met with Sheraz and read Alma 32 with him and while we talked after he read the account of Moroni coming to Joseph Smith which really stood out to him to where he is now trying to look up scriptures in the Bible and the BOM.

Sadly Andrew moved to a different town which is a little farther out than normal for us to make it out to so we aren't able to teach him at the moment.

Well hope you all have a good week and take care of yourselves!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. I'll explain next week for you all to be in anticipation but tomorrow Hussain is getting baptized!!! (also long story to explain why tomorrow haha) Peace!!!


 St. Patrick's Church, Dundalk


Elder Charlesworth, with Elder Corcran in the background
Elder Tarbet with Elder Gullion at All Ireland Mission Conference May 2016

Elder Tarbet, Elder Harker and Elder Gullion
At the All Ireland Mission Conference May 2016



The Church of St. Patrick is a large Roman Catholic church located in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. It is often mistaken for a cathedral, although it is only a church the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh. It is built in the Gothic style.

There has been a Catholic church named Saint Patrick's in the town since 1750. The first building was on a site donated by the first Earl of Clanbrassil on Chapel Street and in 1843, was converted into a school.

The then-Parish priest, Fr. Matthew McCann, acquired the current site in 1834. The church was opened for worship in1842 but was not complete for many years after. Work stopped during the Potato famine and resumed in 1860. It was designed by the Newry architect Thomas Duff who modelled the interior on Exeter Cathedral and the exterior on King’s College Chapel. Duff died before completion and the architect J.J. McCarthy was chosen to finish the magnificent interior. The bell tower is a later addition, being added in 1903.

The church is orientated towards the east, as are most Christian churches. It is 9 bays in length and has two side aisles to the north and south of the building. The church contains a wealth of distinctive features, including fine granite pillars, tilled floors, a vaulted ceiling and many colorful stained glass windows by acclaimed designers Franz Mayer & Co. of Munich, among others. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Truly Blessed Week!

Heya everyone,

This week we had a much better week.

The Lord truly blessed us with having a 900% increase of lessons (9 lessons haha)!

We got to teach quite a few people though some of the lessons we didn't consider to be investigators.

One of them was a referral named Francis who when we went to teach him was drunk. He said he had read through half the BOM and read the Bible but didn't have either of them (said they were in his head), said that he saw Jesus and that Jesus spoke to him and told him that Jesus wasn't really a Jew but a slave to the Jews.... interesting fellow.

The other one his name was Dadiz and he is Muslim who won’t read the BOM so our meeting with him kinda stops there.

Of our more promising lessons we taught a guy named Sharez who is also Muslim but he felt the Spirit quite strongly to where he said if the BOM is true he’d follow us to do anything.

Two days later though he went online and looked up stuff about the BOM and that set him back a little bit. He has a baptism date for the 11th of June.

We also got Andrew, Sylvester's cousin, with a date for the 4th of June after teaching a very spiritual Restoration lesson in Sylvester's home :)

Oussain is still waiting on his visa at the moment sad to say.

We also met this really cool guy named Lucky who is from India who has been giving us referrals of people to teach but he himself isn't that interested but slowly we are becoming friends with him so things can change ;)

Thank you for all your prayers for us and the area.

Love you all and take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Picture from Elder Corcran



Dundalk (from Irish Dún Dealgan, meaning "Dalgan's stronghold", a Fir Bolg Chieftain) is the county town of County Louth, Ireland. It is on the Castletown River, which flows into Dundalk Bay, and is close to the border with Northern Ireland, equidistant from Dublin and Belfast. Its name, historically Dún Dealgan, has associations with the mythical warrior Cú Chulainn.

Clockwise from top: Castle Roche, Clarke Station, St. Patrick's Church, The Marshes shopping centre, Market Square, Dundalk Institute of Technology
The Dundalk area has been inhabited since at least 3500 BC, in the Neolithic period. A tangible reminder of their presence can still be seen in the form of the Proleek Dolmen, the eroded remains of a megalithic tomb located at Ballymascanlon 2 miles (3.2 km) to the north of Dundalk. Celtic culture arrived in Ireland around 500 BC. According to the legendary historical accounts, the group settled in North Louth were known as the Conaille Muirtheimne and took their name from Conaill Carnagh, legendary chief of the Red Branch Knights of Ulster. Their land now forms upper and lower Dundalk.

Proleek Dolmen
 Dundalk had been originally developed as an unwalled Sráid Bhaile (meaning village; translates literally as "Street Townland"). The streets passed along a gravel ridge which runs from the present day Bridge Street in the North, through Church Street to Clanbrassil Street to Earl Street, and finally to Dublin Street.(For more information see

Dundalk Train Station Platform

Dundalk Bay

Monday, May 9, 2016

Good News From The Doctor!

Heya everyone,

So this week I got a call from the doctor saying I don't need to get scanned on account of my blood checking clear from appendicitis and I am feeling a lot better so thank you to all of you that keep us missionaries in your prayers.

Otherwise this week it was pretty dismal.

We had our District Leader and his comp come to our area to blitz where we got quite a few new potentials but none of them have panned out yet and we weren't able to meet with any of our investigators in the week.

We did have a blessing at church though with Hussain and Andrew coming to church along with a few LA members.

Andrew is from Latvia and Patty's number, the referral we received last week, didn't work.

Tomorrow we have All Ireland conference so looking forward to that.

Take care love you all!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Photos Taken at the Dundalk Branch
With Members and Br. and Sister Spaulding who were visiting
Sunday, May 8, 2016

Elder Corcran, Elder Tarbet just out of shot beside him


The Dundalk Branch had a "Munch and Mingle" after Church, and Elder Tarbet said the food was amazing.

He also loved the Banoffe Pie, made by Sister Murphy, which he said was wonderful.


Banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk (or dulce de leche), either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter. Some versions of the recipe also include chocolate, coffee or both.
Its name is a portmanteau constructed from the words "banana" and "toffee." It is sometimes spelled "banoffi". (See

We had a wonderful Skype for Mother's Day with Elder Tarbet. We are so grateful to Brother and Sister Murphy for opening up their home and having Elder Tarbet Skype. They spoiled him and his companion with some really great hot chocolate. Such a wonderful blessing and a great Mother's Day.


Thumbs up, great hot chocolate!

Elder Corcran