Monday, May 9, 2016

Good News From The Doctor!

Heya everyone,

So this week I got a call from the doctor saying I don't need to get scanned on account of my blood checking clear from appendicitis and I am feeling a lot better so thank you to all of you that keep us missionaries in your prayers.

Otherwise this week it was pretty dismal.

We had our District Leader and his comp come to our area to blitz where we got quite a few new potentials but none of them have panned out yet and we weren't able to meet with any of our investigators in the week.

We did have a blessing at church though with Hussain and Andrew coming to church along with a few LA members.

Andrew is from Latvia and Patty's number, the referral we received last week, didn't work.

Tomorrow we have All Ireland conference so looking forward to that.

Take care love you all!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Photos Taken at the Dundalk Branch
With Members and Br. and Sister Spaulding who were visiting
Sunday, May 8, 2016

Elder Corcran, Elder Tarbet just out of shot beside him


The Dundalk Branch had a "Munch and Mingle" after Church, and Elder Tarbet said the food was amazing.

He also loved the Banoffe Pie, made by Sister Murphy, which he said was wonderful.


Banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk (or dulce de leche), either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter. Some versions of the recipe also include chocolate, coffee or both.
Its name is a portmanteau constructed from the words "banana" and "toffee." It is sometimes spelled "banoffi". (See

We had a wonderful Skype for Mother's Day with Elder Tarbet. We are so grateful to Brother and Sister Murphy for opening up their home and having Elder Tarbet Skype. They spoiled him and his companion with some really great hot chocolate. Such a wonderful blessing and a great Mother's Day.


Thumbs up, great hot chocolate!

Elder Corcran




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