Monday, August 31, 2015

Doing Good, Staying Busy!

Hey everyone. 

This week we started Harry and Jaima on the 15 step program and its going well so far. 

We were busy this week with getting the last of the lessons done with Len for his baptism. 

I had my son baptize him and I confirmed him. 

We also taught Allan this week the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom which my companion was kinda freaking out about because they don't follow the Law of Chastity and he's a boxer so he was afraid Allan would get angry but he didn't. In fact he took it quite well. 

We're seeing Duncan tonight to play tennis with him and catch up with him. 

Allan has his date pushed back for Sept 26 on account of bishop wanting all baptisms at the end of the month.
Nothing else really crazy happened in the week. 

Love you all take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Baptism of Len August 29, 2015
Elder Tullis, Len and Elder Tarbet

Elder Haller, Elder Tullis, Len and Elder Tarbet

Monday, August 24, 2015

Put Your Hands Up.... Never a Dull Moment in Paisley!

Heya everyone,  

So I feel almost fully recovered from the flu. 

This week was pretty crazy what with moves and all. 

So Tuesday we traveled around with Elder Beckstrand for him to say goodbye to people and one of our investigators had a gun and we asked to see it. 

Well when he brought it downstairs he scared us by pointing it at us but then said it only shot blanks. Still kinda freaked us out haha. 

Later that night as Elder Beckstrand was packing we woke up to what sounded like 2 baby chimps fighting and killing each other. Turns out it was 2 foxes fighting. 

Elder Beckstrand passed onto us some of his investigators to work with since they know us better than the sisters and one of them Len is getting baptized this Saturday so looking forward to that! 

We also met a guy named Gary who is a heroin addict and he was showing us his needles about a foot away from us. Wasn't too keen on that. 

Probably the most crazy thing that happened this week was yesterday with a new investigator we got. 

It was a referral from the Glasgow Zone Leader's and he asked if we could come over last night. So we did and turns out he's a nudist that wants to know if God is there and know more about the BOM (Book of Mormon).... but he was butt naked. Nuff said. 

We also had a great spiritual experience with Harry's partner Jaima in which we talked about the POS (Plan of Salvation) with her on account of her mother having cancer and is in the hospital. 

Yes the building we live in is called the "Elipta."

Anyway that's really it for this week. 

Take care!

Love Ya,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 What a Handsome Group!

Elder Tarbet, Elder Cluster, Elder Ward, Elder Tullis, Elder Clawson and Elder Johnson
Taken just before Transfers August 19, 2015
Picture from Twyla Cluster

The "Elipta" Paisley Scotland

Images downloaded from the Internet

Monday, August 17, 2015

Moves: We're Staying But Others are Moving!


This week we've been busy with teaching both teaching pools again. 

We started the stop smoking program with Len and he has a date for August 29 and another investigator named Allan (not our Allan but another one) has a date for Sept 19 . 

Me and Elder Tullis are staying together for another transfer (not a surprise) and a lot of the other areas got white washed out. 

Elder Haller became an AP (Assistant to the President) and Elder Beckstrand is going to Belfast, so they are bringing STL's (Sister Training Leader's) into Johnstone.

I've been sick with the flu most of the week so been struggling with that but other than, that not much else to report,  just hanging in there. 

Take care


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Staying Busy, Teaching our People Along with Elder Beckstrand's!

Heya everyone!

This week has been pretty good with us still being busy with teaching. 

So with Elder Beckstrand being in the trio with us we've been teaching his people as well as ours. 

We got to see Duncan off before he left for Singapore for a trip but he'll be back soon. We have a baptismal date with him for Sept 26 on account of him going away for awhile. 

We met with Scott this week and also committed him to Baptism and one of the investigators of Elder Beckstrand whose name is Len. 

So far not been back in contact with Liam and Martin. We saw Alan last week as well who is really struggling with depression. 

Haven't heard back from Paul or Jordan either. 

We also got a new investigator yesterday whose name is Vincent. He's a really nice guy from Zimbabwe going to UNI (University of the West of Scotland) out here and his dad is a minister for another church. 

Paisley is more urbanized than my last area in Galway. A lot like what you described, very built up with lots of buildings, so much of it looks pretty plain, in comparison to Galway. We just use a map to navigate and get around with.

I don't think we're having any more Zone Development Day's and yes we did have Zone Interview Training Meeting. Also looks like will not be having any more District lunches:( So yes there have been a few changes.

Well nothing else too crazy happened this week, sadly. 

Anyways have a great week. 

Take care!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

University of the West of Scotland
Images downloaded from the Internet
 In Paisley

Some Images of Paisley, Scotland
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Monday, August 3, 2015

Celebrating Hump Day!


Haha I loved the video! Thanks! 

Here are some answers to Mom's questions:

Have you been able to see Scott or Andrew again?

We've seen Scott but not Andrew.

Was Elder Haller in your District at the MTC?

Yes, Elder Haller was in my District in the MTC.

Do you get dinner appointments in your area?

We get a couple of DA's not a ton.

Did you receive all of my packages yet?

I got all your packages, thank you!
What has the weather been like, have you seen any summer yet?

Its been raining a lot, so it doesn't feel like summer.

Do you have any Hump Day traditions in the Mission?

We burn a shirt when we reach our hump day!

 Burning of the Shirt!

One year down, one more to go....

These have seen better days!
But not too bad considering a years worth walking!

President Kimball is remembered for his statement, 
“My life is like my shoes—to be worn out in service.”
 Quoted in Boyd K. Packer, "The Twelve”, Ensign, April 2015, 83
New shoes were received in time for Hump Day
New Show on the Left, Old on the Right! 

A big THANK YOU to everyone for all the  support you have given me over this past year!
Love you guys!

ELder Tarbet (Wolverine)