Monday, August 24, 2015

Put Your Hands Up.... Never a Dull Moment in Paisley!

Heya everyone,  

So I feel almost fully recovered from the flu. 

This week was pretty crazy what with moves and all. 

So Tuesday we traveled around with Elder Beckstrand for him to say goodbye to people and one of our investigators had a gun and we asked to see it. 

Well when he brought it downstairs he scared us by pointing it at us but then said it only shot blanks. Still kinda freaked us out haha. 

Later that night as Elder Beckstrand was packing we woke up to what sounded like 2 baby chimps fighting and killing each other. Turns out it was 2 foxes fighting. 

Elder Beckstrand passed onto us some of his investigators to work with since they know us better than the sisters and one of them Len is getting baptized this Saturday so looking forward to that! 

We also met a guy named Gary who is a heroin addict and he was showing us his needles about a foot away from us. Wasn't too keen on that. 

Probably the most crazy thing that happened this week was yesterday with a new investigator we got. 

It was a referral from the Glasgow Zone Leader's and he asked if we could come over last night. So we did and turns out he's a nudist that wants to know if God is there and know more about the BOM (Book of Mormon).... but he was butt naked. Nuff said. 

We also had a great spiritual experience with Harry's partner Jaima in which we talked about the POS (Plan of Salvation) with her on account of her mother having cancer and is in the hospital. 

Yes the building we live in is called the "Elipta."

Anyway that's really it for this week. 

Take care!

Love Ya,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 What a Handsome Group!

Elder Tarbet, Elder Cluster, Elder Ward, Elder Tullis, Elder Clawson and Elder Johnson
Taken just before Transfers August 19, 2015
Picture from Twyla Cluster

The "Elipta" Paisley Scotland

Images downloaded from the Internet

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