Monday, February 29, 2016

Transfer Calls, No Changes For Our District

Heya everyone. 

This week was mostly finding throughout the week but have some interesting stories to tell. 

On Saturday we went out the morning to go chap because you can't really street contact here, it's not effective at all, and the neighborhood we went to was being overran by JW's (Jehovah Witnesses). 

There were 8 of them going around the neighborhood. One of them a family, so the parents split up to take their kids with them. They also thought we were more JW's coming to join them because one of the guys was like "Hello Brothers!" 

Needless to say we left and I wasn't in a good mood till lunch.:(

Then later that night we were waiting for the bus after seeing a LA member, Chris and his kids, and this kid just walks past us and waits in the spot where the bus pulls up and just yells "Fing come on already...." then 30 sec later we witnessed the fastest drug deal I've ever seen, a drive by in a Fiat plus or something (bit bigger vehicle but still small) and a bigger women hands him a baggie.

We have a new investigator that has been coming to church the last few weeks, her name is Lilly. She is a sweet elder lady who a member invited to church and she loves coming and learning the gospel! :) 

Sadly Joseph dropped us but he wasn't willing to do the commitments we gave him nor let us teach a lot from talking so much.

We had moves call and me and E. Roylance are staying :) No changes either in our district.

Yesterday while out finding we met a Knight's Templar. Dalkieth area= Masons.


Got some other potential during the week from doing AUF's, one whom is yet again another police officer who we hope to see tomorrow. 

Take care and God Bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Pictures received from Anne (Amazing Missionary Mom):

 Elder Tarbet and Elder Roylance

Pictures of Elder Roylance's Hump Day
Burning Tie
And Elder Tarbet's Jump Day
Burning Pants

Monday, February 22, 2016

Just Another Typical Week in the SIM!

Heya everyone,

This week we got to go on exchanges with the ZL's in Edinburgh so we went finding and talking up all the uni (university) students so it was a lot of fun and found lots of people (wish Dalkeith was the same).

DM went okay had the Zone Leaders there and they said it was good.

We had an interesting experience with our investigator Joseph where he called us up after cancelling our appointment on Saturday to ask us to come over ASAP. He was going through some problems so he was kinda venting to us but eventually he cooled off to where we could get the Spirit back in to help him out. But sadly no Joseph did not come out this week to Church.

Yesterday we got let into a person's home named Habiba who is a Christian turned Muslim who is wanting to revert back. She was very nice and hope to see her the following week.

Other than that not too much else exciting happened sadly besides just going out finding and chapping.

Sorry if my week’s sound boring I should mention that we do meet plenty of people that yous all would find to be good stories but you get so used to it out here that its not out of the ordinary for us haha.

For example: we had a guy yell at us to leave and not "shove religion down his throat and he doesn't come knocking our door doing it" or people that I tried GQing in Edinburgh as soon as they saw my badge they said "Oh God No!" but we get those a lot. 

Yea I didn't tell you about my knees because I didn't want you to worry but since she told ya I can better explain then.

So back in Galway I got into 2 crashes with both my knees and while in Galashiels I was getting them checked out at physio. They diagnosed that I have tendinitis in both my knees and I’ll probably try and get them more sorted out when I get home because for the most part they are staying the same but they aren't getting worse.

Also burnt my trousers finally this week with Elder Roylance burning his tie I don't have my camera on me though to upload pics.

Hope you all have a good week take care!

Love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


University of Edinburgh
(Images downloaded from Google)


The University of Edinburgh , was formally established as a college by a Royal Charter, granted by King James IV of Scotland on 14 April 1582, is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and on of Scotland's ancient universities.

The university is deeply embedded in the fabric of the city of Edinburgh, with many of the buildings in the historic Old Town belonging to the university.

The university played an important role in leading Edinburgh to its reputation as a chief intellectual center during the Age of Enlightenment, and helped give the city the nickname of the Athens of the North.

After St. Andrews, it is the most difficult university to gain admission into in Scotland, and 9th overall in the UK.

It is ranked 16th in the world in arts and humanities by the 2015–16 Times Higher Education Ranking.

Famous Alumni of the university include some of the major figures of modern history, including physicist James Clerk Maxwell, naturalist Charles Darwin, philosopher David Hume, mathematician Thomas Bayes, surgeon Joseph Lister, signatories of the American declaration of independence James Wilson, John Witherspoon and Benjamin Rush, inventor Alexander Graham Bell, also some famous authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, J.M. Barrie and Sir Walter Scott. (For more information:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Back At Work In Dalkeith!

Heya everyone! 

So this week we got to go and teach Annette and Maxine which was really great to see them and have the chance to teach them again.

Annette has really come a long way since I last met her and she is so passionate about the Gospel and the scriptures to the point that you feel like she has been a member for years!

Maxine is still on her way for March 25 so were working with her in helping prepare her for that day.

We've been doing some finding and met a couple of people but most of the appointments we made with them fell through but that's missionary work for ya.

We were able to teach our investigator Joseph and we got him out to church and he seemed to enjoy it.

On Saturday we stopped by a LA member we are working with named Denise who was struggling with some things mentally and she felt like she had a demon inside her so needless to say we gave her a blessing.

We got to see Keith as well on Saturday but sadly he doesn't really have the desire to progress to come back to church but hopefully he'll come around again in the future.

Wer'e going to periodically check in on him to see how his family is doing.

Hope you all had a good week take care and God Bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. My district has 2 other companionships. Gala (Galashiels) has Elders Fisher and Sheppard and Dumfries has Sisters Fechser and Plumber.

Making Dinner for Burn's Night


Monday, February 8, 2016

Mom's Note: Pictures Received From Our Dear Friend Anne and From Elder Tarbet

 Received these photos from Anne on Saturday Morning, February 6, 2016. 
Always brightens my day!
Who doesn't like dessert?

 Thank you Anne, you're am angel!

Some extra photos that I received from Elder Tarbet from when he was serving in Galashiels.
Some snow scenes around their apartment and Galashiels

Elder Gullion out in the snow!


Saying Goodbye to Galashiels, Hallo Dalkeith - I'm Back!

Look who I ran into!

So I'm back in Dalkeith and getting to work. 

Before I left we got to see Kenny and give him a blessing of healing since he had been sick most of the week again and wasn't getting better and we had a last minute NI (New Investigator) lesson with a guy named Jim. 

Other than saying goodbye to people and traveling and getting settled back again in Dalkeith not much else happened. 

Most missionaries travel by bus and train to their next mode of transportation if they are moving to a new area because they plan out our moves. 

We are still on foot/bus here in Dalkeith. It felt good but weird to be back. 

Jack, Anna, and Annette are all doing good. 

No DM (District Meeting) this week cause we were supposed to have a conference but it's been cancelled.

Got your package by the way thank you again! Already started reading Infinite Atonement and loving i!:)

We met a person named Zoe chapping yesterday and also someone who really did not want a card slipped through their post slot beause they were behind the door holding it down haha. 

We were supposed to have met with our investigator Joseph yesterday (a guy I met while I was with Elder Kinville in Dalkeith) but he canceled on us :( 

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. 

God Bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


With Kenny


With Dougie



With Kate

Monday, February 1, 2016

18 Months Out, Transfer News - Going Back to Dalkeith

Heya everyone,

So I'm going DL (District Leader) of my district and going to be with Elder Roylance who replaced me in Dalkeith. 

Yea we have Area books that keep track of people we work with but they aren't always filled out by missionaries (because they don't understand the Atonement, haha District videos joke) so missionaries coming in are able to look back at whats been taught and who. 

Sometimes investigators get close to missionaries so they fall away once a new missionary or pair come in.

Love you all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine) 

Dumfries District
Elder Gullion, Elder Crowe, Elder Lampropoulos, Elder Tarbet, Elder Roylance and Elder Kinville (kneeling)
Taken before transfer



Images downloaded from Google Maps

The Church has a history with Dalkeith which dates back to 1851 when the first branch was organised in May of that year.  In1964 the branch had the beginnings of the Church in modern times when meetings were held in the old Labour Hall at the bottom of the High Street, and later in Woodburn Community Centre. 

The current building in Newbattle Road was opened in 1978, having been built with additional help from local members, both in terms of labour and financial contributions.  Some 10 years later, a large extension was added and the building now comprises of a Chapel, a large multi-purpose hall, a baptismal font, offices and several classrooms.  The extensive grounds, with ample car-parking facilities, also have a beautiful wood.  (Text download from

Dalkeith High Street - Google Images
Woodburn Community Centre -Google Maps