Monday, January 26, 2015

Moves Call, No Changes in Galway!

Heya peeps. 

Moves call yesterday..... we're all staying in Galway. 

Earlier in the week we got to have a lesson with our NI (new investigator) Thomas from clear back then. He is awesome and have to say he is exactly how I'd picture an African Baptist from the South only he's from Cameroon! He's great and I love his prayers but someone's going to have to tell him not to go all Baptist during them haha (should point out he's not baptist just acts like it from how it's portrayed in culture and the movies). 

We also ran into Jillian from clear back as well! Her old phone broke which was why we couldn't get in touch with her because it kept saying it was disconnected, so once she gets a new phone she'll contact us (hopefully!) 

We also got into a BB (bible bash) by accident with a guy named Ben who we found out was a pastor and halfway through I just got the feeling this was going no where and felt that I should just end the conversation and have my companion and us leave. At first I wasn't sure if that was the right thing to do but felt like it was going nowhere as he just wanted to argue and afterwards E. Shubin said he felt we did the right thing so I felt better about it.

We also went to a cemetery on Saturday with the YSA for a FH activity and I found some tombstones of King relatives (for those of you that don't know the Irish name of King from my mum's side maybe originally from Galway County*) so I got my pictures taken with them by one of the Senior Couples. 

We haven't had any exchanges yet and we actually talked about trying to get permission to do one. 

If I forget anything else I let you's all know next week or when I remember! Take care!

Love ya all,

Elder Wolverine 

Pictures provided by Sister Sandra Uraski Hale

Taken from the internet
*King Surname History
The name King has been around for a long time. Known as Conroy in Ireland and given the name King after Conroy immigrants came to the USA, and is often associated with County Galway. The King family has a lot of branches. The main roots come from Ray, Roy, and Rex, as well as Shaw which all mean King in different languages. In the Irish city of Galway the surname of King or Conroy was quite common, and it predates back before the Norman Invasion of England and back to the middle-ages. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  January 31, 2015 marks my first six months as I serve over here in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. 

I've had the great privilege, over the past six months, of serving among the people of Portadown in Northern Ireland and now the people of Galway in the Republic of Ireland. I have met some incredible people over here, who I have become my friends. You guys are amazing!

I'd like to take this moment to thank each of you who has prayed for us missionaries, our investigators and supporting us in all that we do.

I'd also like to thank each of you who have taken the time, to stop by and read my blog, to follow me on this great adventure. Here's to the next six months. Thanks everyone!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Beware of Broken Can Openers, Knives and Black Ice... They'll Get You Every Time!


Gonna start off with a funny story that happened yesterday morning.

So it was a beautiful sunny Galway morning and as we got up the hill from where we live my companion went around the corner and slid off his bike and crashed from the black ice. It's funny because he didn't get hurt and as soon as he got on the bike and we all took off I instantly slid and fell off and then Elder Shubin, followed by Elder Novotny at the same time! We were all laughing and walked down the hill and the only one untouched was Elder Udell.

Another crazy thing that happened was that the weather was raging here in Galway.

Tuesday we had a big snow storm. Then on Wednesday and Thursday a huge wind and rain storm came in with some really powerful winds. 

Well Elder. Shubin's jacket got soaked so he ended up getting early stages of hypothermia so I quickly got us a E-Weber-Vac (Emergency Weber Evacuation) and got him home to warm up. Then as he was taking a shower it (sadly) took me 15 min or so to get a stupid can of soup open because the can opener we had didn't work and it only punctured a small hole and then I took a knife and kept bending the lid open while trying not to break the knife and fling it into my throat. 

For those that are concerned I'm good and okay in both situations but I will say we only biked once through the bad weather to get my Garda* card on Thursday and have to say it sucked big time!

On a more spiritual side yesterday we weren't having any success in chapping (knocking on doors) so we said a quick prayer then found a guy named Pat who said we could come back. 

We also talked to Bowen about the Priesthood and he had his interview so he should soon be getting the Aaronic Priesthood! 

Forgot to mention from last week we went and did a Family History survey and found some success. 

We chapped 5 houses, 3 did the survey, and 2 1/2 let us in (I say 1/2 because the lady was home alone and let us come into the doorway/entrance because it was dumping rain). 

The last couple, Annette and Brandon talked with us for an hour and then gave us a ride back home as well. I don't think that will ever happen again on my mission, to tell the truth, but we were really blessed! 

That's all I can remember from this week in Galway! 

Take care, Slán**.

Love ya all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

How are some of the investigators that you mentioned doing?

We haaven't heard from Gabrielle but we hope to see Thomas tomorrow. We haven't seen anymore of the Brazillian Girls. 

**Slán simply means “safe,” and is a shortened form of a slightly longer phrase: 
slán abhaile Which means “safe home.”
In other words, when you say “goodbye” in Irish, you’re wishing someone safety!

*The Garda: An Garda Síochána  (Gaelic meaning “the Guardian of the Peace”), more commonly referred to as the Gardaí (gar-DEE “Guardians”), is the police force for the Replulic of Ireland.

Some More Photos from the All Ireland Conference
Thanks to Sister Sandra Ursaki Hale Shared on Facebook

Elder Novotny with Elder Tarbet.... two of the "Galway Big 4."

Elder Crittenden, Elder Weber and Elder Llori
 Elder Hutchings with President and Sister Brown

 Elder McCray, Elder Crittenden, Elder Tarbet and Elder Nordfors
Elder Crittenden and Elder Tarbet

 Elder Tarbet with his companion Elder Shubin

Monday, January 12, 2015

Exchanges to Limerick, All Ireland Conference and A Baptism

Heya hope yous all have had a good week!

This week I've been pretty busy and we've been out of Galway for the most part on account of exchanges in Limerick (also known as Stab City*, haha) and in Dublin for our all Ireland Conference.

All Ireland Conference January 8, 2015
Photo Courtesy of Elder Weber

The Conference in Dublin was really good. We listened to a really good talk from President Uchtdorf to the new Mission President's on being a Disciple of Christ.

How long did it take you to get to the Conference? 

We left Limerick at 6:00 and got there at 10:00.

We mainly spent a lot of time on finding while we were in Limerick. Then on Saturday we were back in Limerick for Bowen's Baptism! 

It was really good and I gave one of the talks on Baptism.

With Bowen and Elder Shubin

Does Bowen speak English and will he be attending the Galway Branch?

Bowen speaks English as well as Chinese and Elder Shubin used to be a Chinatown Elder which is why he is able to speak Mandarin. Bowen will be attending the Galway Branch until he leaves to go back to China in May.

Yesterday I also got to confirm Bowen so that was a really great experience.

How has your weather been?

We have had lots of rain and wind lately so it's been pretty crazy weather.

You mentioned that you'll be sad to see the Weber's leave. Are they due to leave soon?

The Weber's are due to finish in April but might stay a month longer if they are able.

Do you get dinners or do you have to cook your own meals?

For the most part we cook our own food and Elder Shubin cooks Chinese or the Weber's have us over.

Are you far from the stores and if so how do you travel to them?

We get a ride from Elder Weber to go shopping on PDays, otherwise we just ride our bikes to the store.

What has been your most interesting experience so far in Galway?

Not sure yet on the most interesting experience, I've got a lot more time to spend here before I pick anything.

Other than that not much else happened besides talking to an absolute loon in Limerick who for no reason said I was racist and that all Americans are "barbaric, sadistic, murdering, stupid buffoons" or something along those lines.

Anyhow hope you all have a great week!

Love yous all, take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Photo bombing at the All Ireland Conference
Picture Courtesy of Elder Weber

Email from Elder Weber and Photo:
Dear Tarbets and Shubins, We just had your missionary sons over for dinner with Bowen, their investigator who needed to have a Skype interview by a Chinese Missionary leader from Scotland. So I was able to get this picture for you while they were here. The Baptism is tomorrow in Limerick at 2pm. A good day for the Galway Branch. - E. Weber

With Bowen and Elder Shubin at the Weber's
January 9, 2015

Bowen's Baptism January 10, 2015
Photos Courtesy of Elder Weber

Me dressed up in some stuff I found around the flat. Ready for proselyting Galway style!

*Information taken from the internet: "Stab City" refers to the supposed frequency with which knife crime occurs in Limerick. The reputation Limerick developed as a dangerous place originated in the early 1900's from the drug scene in Limerick. As of April 2013 a news  report stated that Limerick's former reputation as 'Stab City' was no wholly undeserved. Unfortunately the name has stuck even though Limerick is no more dangerous than any other large city in Ireland.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Heya Happy New Years! 

Gonna quickly start off with a  of funny thing that happened to me in Galway that I forgot to mention earlier. 

My first night in Galway we went around for me to be introduced to some of the members and as we were about to head home I was explaining something wrestling related to Elder Shubin and squated down to show him and the instant I did I ripped my trousers all the way down the seam. It was really bad but they are now fixed :) (Very happy to hear)

Anyway New Years was good we went to the Webers and had dinner there. I always eat a ton of pistachios every time we go over to their flat. They also makes amazing peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies!

The Webers are so great and I'm going to be so sad to see them go.

We also went to some old ruins that are in Galway but I'm pretty sure it's closed off to the public but got some pics to send home. 

Elder Tarbet and Elder Shubin, somewhere in Galway
Pictures provided by Elder Weber

This week we were wrapping up some of our last lessons with Bowen who is getting baptized this Saturday so we're excited about that. 

We also ran into a guy named Niyo who after we invited him to church came with like 3 other friends so yesterday was a good meeting! 

Friday we helped do some service for a LA in the ward who are from Nigeria and she always gives us these malt drinks (non alcoholic of course don't worry!) and funny enough I don't think they are half bad must be the Irish in me.

Take care of yourselves this week and enjoy the New Year (and go try a malt, non alcoholic of course)!

Love you all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

NOTE: Galway has quite a few beautiful Castles and old ruins throughout the county 
here are just a few pictures taken from the internet: