Monday, January 26, 2015

Moves Call, No Changes in Galway!

Heya peeps. 

Moves call yesterday..... we're all staying in Galway. 

Earlier in the week we got to have a lesson with our NI (new investigator) Thomas from clear back then. He is awesome and have to say he is exactly how I'd picture an African Baptist from the South only he's from Cameroon! He's great and I love his prayers but someone's going to have to tell him not to go all Baptist during them haha (should point out he's not baptist just acts like it from how it's portrayed in culture and the movies). 

We also ran into Jillian from clear back as well! Her old phone broke which was why we couldn't get in touch with her because it kept saying it was disconnected, so once she gets a new phone she'll contact us (hopefully!) 

We also got into a BB (bible bash) by accident with a guy named Ben who we found out was a pastor and halfway through I just got the feeling this was going no where and felt that I should just end the conversation and have my companion and us leave. At first I wasn't sure if that was the right thing to do but felt like it was going nowhere as he just wanted to argue and afterwards E. Shubin said he felt we did the right thing so I felt better about it.

We also went to a cemetery on Saturday with the YSA for a FH activity and I found some tombstones of King relatives (for those of you that don't know the Irish name of King from my mum's side maybe originally from Galway County*) so I got my pictures taken with them by one of the Senior Couples. 

We haven't had any exchanges yet and we actually talked about trying to get permission to do one. 

If I forget anything else I let you's all know next week or when I remember! Take care!

Love ya all,

Elder Wolverine 

Pictures provided by Sister Sandra Uraski Hale

Taken from the internet
*King Surname History
The name King has been around for a long time. Known as Conroy in Ireland and given the name King after Conroy immigrants came to the USA, and is often associated with County Galway. The King family has a lot of branches. The main roots come from Ray, Roy, and Rex, as well as Shaw which all mean King in different languages. In the Irish city of Galway the surname of King or Conroy was quite common, and it predates back before the Norman Invasion of England and back to the middle-ages. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  January 31, 2015 marks my first six months as I serve over here in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. 

I've had the great privilege, over the past six months, of serving among the people of Portadown in Northern Ireland and now the people of Galway in the Republic of Ireland. I have met some incredible people over here, who I have become my friends. You guys are amazing!

I'd like to take this moment to thank each of you who has prayed for us missionaries, our investigators and supporting us in all that we do.

I'd also like to thank each of you who have taken the time, to stop by and read my blog, to follow me on this great adventure. Here's to the next six months. Thanks everyone!


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