Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Companion, Possible Potentials, and A Quieter Week!

Heya everyone. 

So got my new comp and so we've just been getting to know each other better and just been doing the usual work. 

Found a couple of French potentials who we hope to see this week especially one named Leah. 

We had Ben come to church and Uriel got the priesthood! 

Also had Auntie and Bowen out at church and some other LA's were working with. 

Other than that sadly nothing else really new, sorry! 

Celebrated my poppies Bday! 

Anyway take care.

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Replies to some questions.

What has been your most recent spiritual experience this week?
Probably the most recent spiritual thing that has happened is just fasting for our investigators like Minerva, Declan and Ben and getting in contact with them and setting things up with them or in Minerva's case getting a better opportunity. 

Will you be getting a car?
Once the Webers leave we get the car till July. 

With school coming to a close for the summer are any of your members from the branch leaving?
Yea a few of the members are leaving once schools done.

This women found us in Eyre Square and she was a member living in Madrid. She was visiting Galway and asked if we could have a pic with her so she sent it to us along with the message below.

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see you all in Galway.  I have to tell you again that seeing you and being able to visit with you was an answer to prayer.  The Lord blessed me with another opportunity in Madrid and I am so grateful.  

Thank you for all the work you do in the Gospel.  Have a wonderful week!
C_______ P________

Typical MANOP in Galway

And finally some pics of what my cookies look like.
"Tarbet's Delights"

Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers, The Parting of the Ways, and Don't Forget Those Tarbet Delight Cookies!

Heya everyone!

So me and Elder Cavallaro are staying and Elders Shubin and Udell are both going to Edinburgh zone.

My new companion is Elder Christensen who’s from Wyoming. He’s the new District Leader.

This week we had a fun week with flat exchanges and Saturday was what I call Italian day! (I was on exchange with E. Cavallaro and we went and did service where they made us pizza and then later did MANOP (Moves Anticipation Night of Pizza) at Apaches).

So in highlights for the week I got to say was just this morning where I was fasting yesterday for Minerva to be able to make it to church and to continue to progress to be baptized, well got an answer. She is moving to Dublin May 4 so it will be closer for her to get to church (she only came to town on Sundays and bus came in after church) where the branch is bigger and she’ll be able to progress better though so I was a little sad but instantly new it was an answer to the problem. 

Other than that just had a couple of lessons with our Recent Convert's (RC’s). We haven’t seen too much of Bowen lately, because he is busy studying for finals, but we are seeing him today.

Also perfected my cookie recipe that I found which are Nutella Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut cookies, which everybody loves, I call them Tarbet Delight cookies ;) Haha.

Anyway you all have a good craic this week and take care!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 The Galway District,
April 2015--Photos provided by Elder Weber
Back Row: Elder Tarbet, Elder Justin Udell, Elder Gabriele Cavallaro, Elder Colton Scott,
Elder Jackson Shubin and Elder Austin Cook,
Front Row: Sister Mikinley Martin, Sister Karen & Elder Gary Weber, and Sister Cedara Stribling

With Elder Colton Scott

Who doesn't like Pizza? Elder Austin Cook

Decisions, Decisions!
  Don't you dare touch my pizza

The Spectacular Six of Galway, 
From an Email on Sunday, April 19, 2015
From the Webers
Before the "Parting of the Fellowship"

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Good Week: A Baptism, Two Exchanges, New Investigators and Pictures of the Galway Cathedral!

Heya Everyone how goes it? 

This week was a good week (for obvious reasons). 

So we had our Baptism with Uriel which we were worried for a bit wouldn't happen because when he had his interview he didn't quite pass it at first but then we got permission for Elder Weber to address his concern from the interview and Elder Weber was in for less than 5 min, dealt with it and boom baptism! 

Also went on 2 exchanges this week with Elder Scott and Elder Haller and both went well (besides our whole scare with Uriel on my Exchange with E. Scott). 

With Elder Haller we got 2 new investigators, one named Declan who's golden! He's a FI (former investigator) who met with the missionaries like 15+ years ago and is completely ready and Ben from Alaska, finally! Got plenty of more people to also contact this week where we got 7 potents (potentials) that day. 

Had a really cool experience when Uriel was baptized. So sadly his big toe didn't get quite under the water so had to redo it but that was okay for Uriel because after he said he preferred doing it twice because the first time he felt like he died (he let go of his nose so had water shoot up and felt like he was drowning) :( and the second time was more ready and felt reborn again (like it says in Romans 6:4 (I think...) But anyway the whole time I felt so full of warmth and goodness performing it that it was more of a confirmation even to me that what I'm doing is changing people's lives and is true so it was pretty cool. 

Then yesterday 3 hours after getting the gift of the Holy Ghost he came on a JT (joint teaching) with us with Minerva and we invited her to be baptized in the GOJC (Gospel of Jesus Christ) lesson. She wasn't quite sure so we are having her pray but she said if she gets an answer she'll get baptized (Uriel was the exact same when we taught him so he was very helpful and was a boss JT!) 

You's all take care of yourselves and have a good craic this week!


Elder Tarbet  (Wolverine) 

The Baptism of Uriel
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Limerick Chapel

 Elder T, Alexis and Uriel

 PDay Activity (Monday, March 30, 2015)*
By the way forgot to give you these pics. 2 pdays ago* we went to the Cathedral and got pics and walked around in it. So here are the pics! It was a cool place!

First 4 chapters of Genesis

Altar for St.  Thérèse
Peter given keys of the kingdom
St. Joseph the Worker
Mosaic of JFK is on the right side of the mural of Christ.

Apparently the first pic was also the "childrens crying room".
Second pic: The advesary is gathering his forces/or God was talking about us to the Catholic Church(this pic covers our area boundaries) haha

The following pictures are taken from the Internet


The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas (Irish Language: Ard-Eaglais Mhaighdean na Deastógála agus Naomh Nioclás), commonly known as Galway Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Galway, Ireland, and is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in the city.
Construction began in 1958 on the site of the old city prison, In 1965, it was dedicated, joint, to Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and to St. Nicholas.

Take care, slán!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Korihor Strikes back and Reinforcements from Mexico!

Heya whats the craic?

So got a long story to say today sorry if this is a long email....

So this week we were finishing up a lot of the lessons with Uriel and on Friday we went into town to share the new video initiative with Galway in Eyre Sq. 

Eyre Square, taken from the Internet

I brought my Ukulele and played some Easter songs while we sang (mostly me and E. Cavallaro) and the others talked to people.

The funny part was when we were setting up the Dennis was back and he saw what we were doing and called up his bros and they had a table set up in 10 min and he was planning on stopping everyone we were going to talk to so we moved over to Shop Street, I couldnt help but laugh at how pathetic it was! Haha. 

Shop Street

Anyway Uriel came and started helping handing out cards along with Alexis and Taylor who are both members and they were also helping out. Well Uriel ended up running into Dennis, which funny enough he said earlier that day he wanted to meet him because Uriel used to be like him.

So we didn’t find any success but I went over to see if Uriel was alright cause I saw them talking and after Dennis was wanting to BB Uriel just looked at me with a smile and said you guys are good I’ll talk to him.

That smile just told me he knows this Gospel is true and he’ll be alright.

We met up with him later and he not only came out with a stronger testimony but actually affected Dennis and almost made him cry just being kind and telling him the truth. 

Shop Street, Pictures taken from the Internet

We actually just ran into Dennis today and he seemed different as well. Who knew!

Uriel is just a stud though! 

Conference was good besides the fact we were having trouble with the video so we didn’t get to see or hear all the talks. My fav though was E. Holland’s talk on the Sunday Morning session, that one was a boss talk!

Anyway hope you all had a good Waster and enjoy your week!

Happy Late Easter!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Here are a few more recent pictures, but not previously posted to the blog

 PDay Soccer

 Time to eat after District Meeting
Picture from ELder and Siser Weber