Monday, April 6, 2015

Korihor Strikes back and Reinforcements from Mexico!

Heya whats the craic?

So got a long story to say today sorry if this is a long email....

So this week we were finishing up a lot of the lessons with Uriel and on Friday we went into town to share the new video initiative with Galway in Eyre Sq. 

Eyre Square, taken from the Internet

I brought my Ukulele and played some Easter songs while we sang (mostly me and E. Cavallaro) and the others talked to people.

The funny part was when we were setting up the Dennis was back and he saw what we were doing and called up his bros and they had a table set up in 10 min and he was planning on stopping everyone we were going to talk to so we moved over to Shop Street, I couldnt help but laugh at how pathetic it was! Haha. 

Shop Street

Anyway Uriel came and started helping handing out cards along with Alexis and Taylor who are both members and they were also helping out. Well Uriel ended up running into Dennis, which funny enough he said earlier that day he wanted to meet him because Uriel used to be like him.

So we didn’t find any success but I went over to see if Uriel was alright cause I saw them talking and after Dennis was wanting to BB Uriel just looked at me with a smile and said you guys are good I’ll talk to him.

That smile just told me he knows this Gospel is true and he’ll be alright.

We met up with him later and he not only came out with a stronger testimony but actually affected Dennis and almost made him cry just being kind and telling him the truth. 

Shop Street, Pictures taken from the Internet

We actually just ran into Dennis today and he seemed different as well. Who knew!

Uriel is just a stud though! 

Conference was good besides the fact we were having trouble with the video so we didn’t get to see or hear all the talks. My fav though was E. Holland’s talk on the Sunday Morning session, that one was a boss talk!

Anyway hope you all had a good Waster and enjoy your week!

Happy Late Easter!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Here are a few more recent pictures, but not previously posted to the blog

 PDay Soccer

 Time to eat after District Meeting
Picture from ELder and Siser Weber

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