Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers, The Parting of the Ways, and Don't Forget Those Tarbet Delight Cookies!

Heya everyone!

So me and Elder Cavallaro are staying and Elders Shubin and Udell are both going to Edinburgh zone.

My new companion is Elder Christensen who’s from Wyoming. He’s the new District Leader.

This week we had a fun week with flat exchanges and Saturday was what I call Italian day! (I was on exchange with E. Cavallaro and we went and did service where they made us pizza and then later did MANOP (Moves Anticipation Night of Pizza) at Apaches).

So in highlights for the week I got to say was just this morning where I was fasting yesterday for Minerva to be able to make it to church and to continue to progress to be baptized, well got an answer. She is moving to Dublin May 4 so it will be closer for her to get to church (she only came to town on Sundays and bus came in after church) where the branch is bigger and she’ll be able to progress better though so I was a little sad but instantly new it was an answer to the problem. 

Other than that just had a couple of lessons with our Recent Convert's (RC’s). We haven’t seen too much of Bowen lately, because he is busy studying for finals, but we are seeing him today.

Also perfected my cookie recipe that I found which are Nutella Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut cookies, which everybody loves, I call them Tarbet Delight cookies ;) Haha.

Anyway you all have a good craic this week and take care!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 The Galway District,
April 2015--Photos provided by Elder Weber
Back Row: Elder Tarbet, Elder Justin Udell, Elder Gabriele Cavallaro, Elder Colton Scott,
Elder Jackson Shubin and Elder Austin Cook,
Front Row: Sister Mikinley Martin, Sister Karen & Elder Gary Weber, and Sister Cedara Stribling

With Elder Colton Scott

Who doesn't like Pizza? Elder Austin Cook

Decisions, Decisions!
  Don't you dare touch my pizza

The Spectacular Six of Galway, 
From an Email on Sunday, April 19, 2015
From the Webers
Before the "Parting of the Fellowship"

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