Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Companion, Possible Potentials, and A Quieter Week!

Heya everyone. 

So got my new comp and so we've just been getting to know each other better and just been doing the usual work. 

Found a couple of French potentials who we hope to see this week especially one named Leah. 

We had Ben come to church and Uriel got the priesthood! 

Also had Auntie and Bowen out at church and some other LA's were working with. 

Other than that sadly nothing else really new, sorry! 

Celebrated my poppies Bday! 

Anyway take care.

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Replies to some questions.

What has been your most recent spiritual experience this week?
Probably the most recent spiritual thing that has happened is just fasting for our investigators like Minerva, Declan and Ben and getting in contact with them and setting things up with them or in Minerva's case getting a better opportunity. 

Will you be getting a car?
Once the Webers leave we get the car till July. 

With school coming to a close for the summer are any of your members from the branch leaving?
Yea a few of the members are leaving once schools done.

This women found us in Eyre Square and she was a member living in Madrid. She was visiting Galway and asked if we could have a pic with her so she sent it to us along with the message below.

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see you all in Galway.  I have to tell you again that seeing you and being able to visit with you was an answer to prayer.  The Lord blessed me with another opportunity in Madrid and I am so grateful.  

Thank you for all the work you do in the Gospel.  Have a wonderful week!
C_______ P________

Typical MANOP in Galway

And finally some pics of what my cookies look like.
"Tarbet's Delights"

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