Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Electric Shocks, Drills, Baptism and Moves--4th Area/Whitewashing!

Heya everyone sorry this is so late!

Monday was a bank holiday and so the libraries were closed for the day and Tuesday I was traveling around saying goodbye to people.

For those who haven’t heard I’m getting moved from Paisley to Dalkeith.

It’s a car area so going to get fat again :( But the most interesting part is that me and my new comp, Elder Kinville (I think), are white washing the area. Should be interesting. 

Last week we were busy just meeting with people and getting things sorted for Allan’s baptism. Allan had a great baptism and you could really feel the Spirit very strongly in it as well as in his Confirmation, which my son Elder Tullis performed.

In Sacrament meeting all of us missionaries gave a talk on one of the principles in the Doctrine of Christ. I spoke on the Holy Ghost and spoke about something that I learned in the 6th Chapter of Moses. It says that the H.G. is the "Record of Heaven" or the source of Testimonies. It’s what gives us our testimonies in the first place and helps us retain it. 

We were busy finishing up the shed at the Doyle’s and putting in wires to hook up lights in it, in which led me to by accident shocking myself (nothing serious mind you!) and while drilling some of the wholes in the ceiling beams I by accident smacked myself in the face with the drill while it rotated (I know stupid.... lot more to explain how it happened but don’t have time.) The best part about the drill was though, after, I told Cat that I got punched by a guy cause my eye was bleeding and well it kinda spread like wildfire around the ward that I got punched, haha, woops!

In other news we found out why Alan our one depressed investigator lost contact with us. He went into hiding from the cops. We found that out from a newspaper. Oh Paisley.....

We also went through the Paisley Abbey finally and went out to William Wallace's Memorial.

Lots more to say but don’t have time since I got only just this wee bit of time at the mission home to email. 

Can’t wait for Conference this weekend!

All of yous take care!

Love yous,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

P.S. I’ll send pictures of us with Allan next week because I don’t have my camera on me.

The Paisley, Pollock and Greenock Elders 
What a Great Bunch of Men!
Elder Roylance, Elder Tullis, Elder T, Elder Cluster, Elder Johnson and Elder Clawson
Photo taken after District Meeting, before heading out to blitz Greenock
September 22, 2015
 Picture provided by Anne Harrison
She came to the rescue, delivered the package.
Definitely going the extra mile, and then took them out to dinner.
Last one for them together before transfers!

 Before the parting of the ways!
Picture supplied by Cat
Taken after Allan's Baptism, heading for MANOK 
(Moves Anticipation Night of Kebabs)

Elder Tarbet and Elder Tullis
Visiting Paisley Abbey
Pictures supplied by Rachael

A big thank you to some very special angels this week who sent me photos and kept me informed.

Once again THANK YOU, Anne for coming to our rescue. You definitely went above and beyond and your kindness is so very appreciated.<3<3

 Some additional photos supplied by Cat.<3

Elder Tarbet, Elder Beckstrand and Elder Haller

Monday, September 21, 2015

Oh Paisley, You Gotta Love It!!!

Heya everyone.

So this week got to go on exchanges into Greenock where I got to meet my mom's cousin Linda, who helped my mom join the Church.

Also we were busy with helping the Doyle’s work some more on their shed this week.

 While we were there Harry came with two of his mates to drop off a lawn mower.

Well right after they left they got lifted by the police and they then came over to the Doyle’s house and inspected everywhere for drugs. They brought in the drug dogs and everything. So sad to say Harry got arrested :(

I think I said before that Harry was off smoking which is why we were sad to see him get arrested cause he was improving a lot.

We also taught Duncan W.O.W. (Word of Wisdom) this week which went well and Allan passed his baptism interview so we are good for Saturday!

For the most part it’s been a little drier, which is nice but it is getting cooler, which I also like. I prefer it colder when I’m in mission clothes.

Forgot to mention two weeks ago we got back to our flat for lunch and looked in the parking lot beneath our flat to see three guys working on a car.

They were dismantling a lot of pieces of the car so I joked saying they were stripping the car. Well we got back late for dinner and they had completely dismantled the car and were trying to get the engine of the car in to their van. So we actually did witness a stripping haha. Oh paisley.....

Well this Sunday is moves call so curious to see what will happen.

Take care!

Loves you all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Nearly forgot to mention that your cousin Linda was I thought similar to you so I could easily see a family resemblance is personality wise. I also told her about how yous all were coming out to pick me up once I’m done to visit and I said we’d come back around to visit her and she was really excited. She said, "I get to see my wee cousin again!" Haha.

Note From Mom: I was visiting my cousin Linda and siting in her living room when I received my Mission Call to California Arcadia. I remember that was a very exciting night!

Map of Route from Paisley to Greenock

 Greenock, Scotland
(Image downloaded from the Internet)

 Cardwell Bay and The Holy Loch from Lyle Hill in. Greenock, Scotland

Monday, September 14, 2015

"You Win Some, You Loose Some

Heya everyone.

So this week we had quite a bit of fall through appointments with some investigators and potentials that we are trying to get in contact with.

Allan is doing great as ever, we were over having a lesson with him but before we began we were talking about comedians and he was telling all his favorite comedians jokes.

Then he just goes "Haha well I could talk all day about that but that's not why you’re here. You’re here to talk to me about commandments, so lets get started!"

It was really funny but awesome at the same time.

I asked Allan on Friday to teach us some boxing stuff so we spent some time with him boxing and getting a good workout in.

We’ve also been busy helping out with a LA family, the Doyles.

We helped do service for them the previous week and this last week we went over to give Br. Doyle a blessing.

While there he invited a friend of theirs who was with us at dinner to take the discussions, so well be teaching their friend.

We just met with Duncan this morning. He’s doing alright! His dad had a medical scare but he’s okay.

Gary is still out of town and Harry is off smoking but Jaima is still smoking. We’re hoping to see James and Samantha tonight.

During the week had for the first time a deep-fried battered pizza called a “pizza crunch” at a chippie (fish and chip shop). So unhealthy..... but tastes pretty good, haha.

Our friend Paul the naturalist/nudist dropped us this week but that's okay. Haha.

Forgot to answer your question earlier. We actually work mostly in Paisley but we also cover Barrhead and Neilston.

Not much else crazy stuff happened this week.

Love Yous all, take care.

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Pictures Received from Anne Harrison



Deep-fried pizza is available in many chip shops in Scotland. It is fried until crisp. The dish can be served as a "pizza supper" (with chips) or single (without chips), in whole and half pizza portions. The dish may be served with salt and vinegar, or with "salt and sauce" (brown sauce) on the East coast per local chip shop custom. When this pizza is deep fried with batter it is known as a "Pizza Crunch" which consists of a large, battered pizza/half-pizza deep fried, and it is usually served with chips. (Info. adapted from Wikipedia)

(Images downloaded from the Internet)

Neilston Parish Church, known to have existed as the site of a Christian place of worship since 1163

(Images downloaded from the internet)

 Barrhead Main Street

Monday, September 7, 2015

An Awsome Lesson, A New Investigator and Making It into The News!

Heya everyone.

So this week we were busy with a couple of exchanges throughout the week and just meeting up with our investigators as usual.

Had an awesome lesson with Allan on Tuesday.

So we were just talking with him and for weeks he had been saying that the BOM made sense to him but he was still waiting on receiving an answer that it was true.

I had a scripture come to mind that we had been told at our last conference which was D&C 8:2. It talks about how the HG (Holy Ghost) will touch our heart and mind. 

I told him that I believed that he had received his answer already and that it was the HG telling him it was true by helping him understand it and letting him know it made sense.

Right after his gran came in and showed him a picture of his Grandpa baptizing his aunt which showed him how much the church meant to him (his reason for investigating in the first place). He then said that everything just seemed bright and clear and made sense.

I invited him to pray and ask for a reconfirming answer that night if all that we talked about with him was true.

We met with him on Friday and he said he didn't even need to pray that night. He knew it was true and is going through with Sept 26 for his baptism!

Now I just need him to teach me some boxing.... haha.

Also had a couple of lessons with Duncan and played tennis with him and met with our other new investigator named Gary who is a really nice guy who just wants to turn his life around.

Haven’t been able to get a hold of Harry and Jaima and yesterday we met 2 FI's (Former Investigator’s) named James and Samantha.

Len's doing good still. He said that he had a baptism high like all weekend long haha.

There’s not much to do on PDays in Paisley. We’re to far apart from other district members and we can’t leave our areas.

I forgot to mention in my group email that we also did service for a LA (Less Active) family, the Doyles.

They are really awesome.

We were helping build the foundation of an add on to their shed and he was having us use all the drills and nail guns so it was pretty fun.

First time I shot a nail gun before, looked like a sci-fi weapon from the game Halo or something, haha.

In answer to your question the bishop here interviewed us then sent it to a member who put it in the newspaper.

Take care, love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Note from Mom: Earlier in the week we received a link, from a member, to the newspaper article in The Barrhead News, about Elder Tarbet and Elder Tullis.


Barrhead and Neilston Area