Monday, September 7, 2015

An Awsome Lesson, A New Investigator and Making It into The News!

Heya everyone.

So this week we were busy with a couple of exchanges throughout the week and just meeting up with our investigators as usual.

Had an awesome lesson with Allan on Tuesday.

So we were just talking with him and for weeks he had been saying that the BOM made sense to him but he was still waiting on receiving an answer that it was true.

I had a scripture come to mind that we had been told at our last conference which was D&C 8:2. It talks about how the HG (Holy Ghost) will touch our heart and mind. 

I told him that I believed that he had received his answer already and that it was the HG telling him it was true by helping him understand it and letting him know it made sense.

Right after his gran came in and showed him a picture of his Grandpa baptizing his aunt which showed him how much the church meant to him (his reason for investigating in the first place). He then said that everything just seemed bright and clear and made sense.

I invited him to pray and ask for a reconfirming answer that night if all that we talked about with him was true.

We met with him on Friday and he said he didn't even need to pray that night. He knew it was true and is going through with Sept 26 for his baptism!

Now I just need him to teach me some boxing.... haha.

Also had a couple of lessons with Duncan and played tennis with him and met with our other new investigator named Gary who is a really nice guy who just wants to turn his life around.

Haven’t been able to get a hold of Harry and Jaima and yesterday we met 2 FI's (Former Investigator’s) named James and Samantha.

Len's doing good still. He said that he had a baptism high like all weekend long haha.

There’s not much to do on PDays in Paisley. We’re to far apart from other district members and we can’t leave our areas.

I forgot to mention in my group email that we also did service for a LA (Less Active) family, the Doyles.

They are really awesome.

We were helping build the foundation of an add on to their shed and he was having us use all the drills and nail guns so it was pretty fun.

First time I shot a nail gun before, looked like a sci-fi weapon from the game Halo or something, haha.

In answer to your question the bishop here interviewed us then sent it to a member who put it in the newspaper.

Take care, love yous all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Note from Mom: Earlier in the week we received a link, from a member, to the newspaper article in The Barrhead News, about Elder Tarbet and Elder Tullis.


Barrhead and Neilston Area

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