Monday, September 14, 2015

"You Win Some, You Loose Some

Heya everyone.

So this week we had quite a bit of fall through appointments with some investigators and potentials that we are trying to get in contact with.

Allan is doing great as ever, we were over having a lesson with him but before we began we were talking about comedians and he was telling all his favorite comedians jokes.

Then he just goes "Haha well I could talk all day about that but that's not why you’re here. You’re here to talk to me about commandments, so lets get started!"

It was really funny but awesome at the same time.

I asked Allan on Friday to teach us some boxing stuff so we spent some time with him boxing and getting a good workout in.

We’ve also been busy helping out with a LA family, the Doyles.

We helped do service for them the previous week and this last week we went over to give Br. Doyle a blessing.

While there he invited a friend of theirs who was with us at dinner to take the discussions, so well be teaching their friend.

We just met with Duncan this morning. He’s doing alright! His dad had a medical scare but he’s okay.

Gary is still out of town and Harry is off smoking but Jaima is still smoking. We’re hoping to see James and Samantha tonight.

During the week had for the first time a deep-fried battered pizza called a “pizza crunch” at a chippie (fish and chip shop). So unhealthy..... but tastes pretty good, haha.

Our friend Paul the naturalist/nudist dropped us this week but that's okay. Haha.

Forgot to answer your question earlier. We actually work mostly in Paisley but we also cover Barrhead and Neilston.

Not much else crazy stuff happened this week.

Love Yous all, take care.

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Pictures Received from Anne Harrison



Deep-fried pizza is available in many chip shops in Scotland. It is fried until crisp. The dish can be served as a "pizza supper" (with chips) or single (without chips), in whole and half pizza portions. The dish may be served with salt and vinegar, or with "salt and sauce" (brown sauce) on the East coast per local chip shop custom. When this pizza is deep fried with batter it is known as a "Pizza Crunch" which consists of a large, battered pizza/half-pizza deep fried, and it is usually served with chips. (Info. adapted from Wikipedia)

(Images downloaded from the Internet)

Neilston Parish Church, known to have existed as the site of a Christian place of worship since 1163

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 Barrhead Main Street

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