Monday, September 21, 2015

Oh Paisley, You Gotta Love It!!!

Heya everyone.

So this week got to go on exchanges into Greenock where I got to meet my mom's cousin Linda, who helped my mom join the Church.

Also we were busy with helping the Doyle’s work some more on their shed this week.

 While we were there Harry came with two of his mates to drop off a lawn mower.

Well right after they left they got lifted by the police and they then came over to the Doyle’s house and inspected everywhere for drugs. They brought in the drug dogs and everything. So sad to say Harry got arrested :(

I think I said before that Harry was off smoking which is why we were sad to see him get arrested cause he was improving a lot.

We also taught Duncan W.O.W. (Word of Wisdom) this week which went well and Allan passed his baptism interview so we are good for Saturday!

For the most part it’s been a little drier, which is nice but it is getting cooler, which I also like. I prefer it colder when I’m in mission clothes.

Forgot to mention two weeks ago we got back to our flat for lunch and looked in the parking lot beneath our flat to see three guys working on a car.

They were dismantling a lot of pieces of the car so I joked saying they were stripping the car. Well we got back late for dinner and they had completely dismantled the car and were trying to get the engine of the car in to their van. So we actually did witness a stripping haha. Oh paisley.....

Well this Sunday is moves call so curious to see what will happen.

Take care!

Loves you all,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Nearly forgot to mention that your cousin Linda was I thought similar to you so I could easily see a family resemblance is personality wise. I also told her about how yous all were coming out to pick me up once I’m done to visit and I said we’d come back around to visit her and she was really excited. She said, "I get to see my wee cousin again!" Haha.

Note From Mom: I was visiting my cousin Linda and siting in her living room when I received my Mission Call to California Arcadia. I remember that was a very exciting night!

Map of Route from Paisley to Greenock

 Greenock, Scotland
(Image downloaded from the Internet)

 Cardwell Bay and The Holy Loch from Lyle Hill in. Greenock, Scotland

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