Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Electric Shocks, Drills, Baptism and Moves--4th Area/Whitewashing!

Heya everyone sorry this is so late!

Monday was a bank holiday and so the libraries were closed for the day and Tuesday I was traveling around saying goodbye to people.

For those who haven’t heard I’m getting moved from Paisley to Dalkeith.

It’s a car area so going to get fat again :( But the most interesting part is that me and my new comp, Elder Kinville (I think), are white washing the area. Should be interesting. 

Last week we were busy just meeting with people and getting things sorted for Allan’s baptism. Allan had a great baptism and you could really feel the Spirit very strongly in it as well as in his Confirmation, which my son Elder Tullis performed.

In Sacrament meeting all of us missionaries gave a talk on one of the principles in the Doctrine of Christ. I spoke on the Holy Ghost and spoke about something that I learned in the 6th Chapter of Moses. It says that the H.G. is the "Record of Heaven" or the source of Testimonies. It’s what gives us our testimonies in the first place and helps us retain it. 

We were busy finishing up the shed at the Doyle’s and putting in wires to hook up lights in it, in which led me to by accident shocking myself (nothing serious mind you!) and while drilling some of the wholes in the ceiling beams I by accident smacked myself in the face with the drill while it rotated (I know stupid.... lot more to explain how it happened but don’t have time.) The best part about the drill was though, after, I told Cat that I got punched by a guy cause my eye was bleeding and well it kinda spread like wildfire around the ward that I got punched, haha, woops!

In other news we found out why Alan our one depressed investigator lost contact with us. He went into hiding from the cops. We found that out from a newspaper. Oh Paisley.....

We also went through the Paisley Abbey finally and went out to William Wallace's Memorial.

Lots more to say but don’t have time since I got only just this wee bit of time at the mission home to email. 

Can’t wait for Conference this weekend!

All of yous take care!

Love yous,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

P.S. I’ll send pictures of us with Allan next week because I don’t have my camera on me.

The Paisley, Pollock and Greenock Elders 
What a Great Bunch of Men!
Elder Roylance, Elder Tullis, Elder T, Elder Cluster, Elder Johnson and Elder Clawson
Photo taken after District Meeting, before heading out to blitz Greenock
September 22, 2015
 Picture provided by Anne Harrison
She came to the rescue, delivered the package.
Definitely going the extra mile, and then took them out to dinner.
Last one for them together before transfers!

 Before the parting of the ways!
Picture supplied by Cat
Taken after Allan's Baptism, heading for MANOK 
(Moves Anticipation Night of Kebabs)

Elder Tarbet and Elder Tullis
Visiting Paisley Abbey
Pictures supplied by Rachael

A big thank you to some very special angels this week who sent me photos and kept me informed.

Once again THANK YOU, Anne for coming to our rescue. You definitely went above and beyond and your kindness is so very appreciated.<3<3

 Some additional photos supplied by Cat.<3

Elder Tarbet, Elder Beckstrand and Elder Haller

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  1. What a week you had Elder Tarbet. I hope you heal well from your "power struggle" with the drill! Say hello to Elders Beckstrand and Haller for me!