Monday, October 5, 2015

From Paisley to Dalkeith, Now You Have It, Now You Don't!

Heya everyone,

Sorry again about last week, but the bank holiday got in the way.  :( Anyhoozers!

So this week was just saying goodbye to people then traveling to Dalkeith.

So I said it was a car area but we just lost it this morning (like 2 hours ago....) to another area. So back to walking and buses.

My new companion, Elder Kinville, is a little quiet, but a really nice guy.

Loved conference especially the testimonies of the new Apostles! Can’t decide which of the three I like the most but probably shouldn't anyway. We got to watch the Saturday sessions all of them and the Sunday morning. Those are the only ones we always get to watch.

We’re working with a couple of investigators that we are going to meet this week as well as 2 LA's (Less Active's).

One is a huge ripped guy named Keith who I got along with pretty well and the other is named Craig who we teach his kids.

Not much else to say besides this area is a whole lot of chapping/tracting. Not much GQing (Golden Questioning) to do here.

Dalkeith is pretty small of a town and the other towns are really spread out so reminds me of the Portadown area a bit.

Yea we did finish the Doyle’s shed before I left.

Love ya’ll and take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Here’s a pic of Allan after his baptism.

ELder Tarbet, Allan and Elder Tullis

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