Monday, October 19, 2015

ZIT Meeting in Edinburgh, Exchanges in Dumfries and Some Spiritual Sharings

Heya everyone, 

So so this week we got to teach Annette and Maxine again after we had ZIT (Zone Interview and Training) in Edinburgh.

It was really good though sad to inform the people that I live chat while emailing that we can’t do that anymore so if I usually talk to you while doing my email sesh (session) then don't feel bad if I don't email back. Presidents orders ha.

Also went on exchanges this week to Dumfries and had a lesson with Keith.

We were able to teach Chris and his kids again this week. We taught them the POS (Plan of Salvation). They are great!

Katriona dropped us after our last lesson with her, on account of her saying her heart isn't in it to change so she’s not ready at the moment to continue on.

Don't know yet about Halloween cause it hasn't come around yet, but I’ve seen costumes and stuff in stores but they already got Christmas stuff coming out as well.

A big spiritual moment this week was in our lesson with Maxine.

She said she wouldn't feel the Spirit when reading and because she didn't want to change. Well I bore testimony about why the message is so important for her and for her family and got a little weepy from the Spirit and so did she, so she felt the Spirit quite strongly. It was really good.

Not much success with our finding so far yet, but we are hopeful that as we continue to work hard we will be blessed for our efforts.

Went to have a lesson this morning with some potentials we’ve found but they didn't answer.

Ach well.

Take care this week!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


Scotland/Ireland Mission Home

Edinburgh Stake Center
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Overlooking Edinburgh with Arthur's Seat (Pratt's Hill) in the background

Edinburgh Castle
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Dumfries, where John III Comyn was Murdered by Robert the Bruce
John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, lived from around 1270 to 10 February 1306. A man with links to both the Scottish and English royal families, he became a Guardian of Scotland at a crucial moment. He is best known for being murdered by Robert the Bruce in front of the high altar of the Greyfriars Church in Dumfries.
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