Monday, October 12, 2015

Mousy, Mousy, Come out Where Ever You Are--Working Hard in Dalkeith!

Heya everyone! 

So this week we've just been busy learning the area and trying to find some more people to teach. 

We went on exchanges on Wednesday, so we were in Edinburgh. It was raining all day long and was quite cold so came back drenched yet again so looks like were in for a good winter.... 

While there we found a mouse in the mission home which made it's way to the A.P.'s (Assistants to the President) room when we were trying to catch it since it was in the ZL's (Zone Leaders) room. 

Its name was Jerry of course. 

We got to finally meet some of our investigators this week. 

We met Annette and Maxine who are a mom and daughter. They both love the BOM (Book of Mormon) and actually have a competition with reading it. Maxine already chose a date for herself, March 25. 

We also met our investigator Katriona who actually used to live in the Bhaile in Galway and knew the same missionary that worked with some of the people in Galway that we worked with. Small word aye. 

Everyday it takes us about a half hour to walk into town from our flat. 

We're meeting Keith this week and last week I miswrote Craig. It's actually Chris and he and his kids are great! 

Last night we taught them and his son was like "Dad when can we go to church?" He's 7. 

We got to meet a couple of other members at church. There was about 30-40 or so there so not as big as Paisley.

Other than that just been busy trying to find more people and just been doing lots of chapping. 

We had a cool experience where we both prayed to find a town to go to and we both got an answer to go there so now were just needing to find the right streets so will have to go back to praying some more. 

Take care, 


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine) 

 Here is Jerry!

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 Anne Harrison took Elder Tarbet and Elder Kinville out to eat for lunch, and sent some pictures. Yea!!!

Then on Sunday morning Anne sent me a few more surprise photos that she found on her phone. The cheeky little (well maybe not so little) rascals took a few surprise selfies, goofing around.

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