Monday, May 4, 2015

Catch-up Week, Webers Leave and What Do You Do With A Traffic Cone?

Heya everyone! 

Sadly I don't have much time this week because it's a Bank Holiday here, so that means everywhere to email was closed, so we had to all email at the church. 

Alexis and Uriel both say hi and I told Uriel about the package so he says thank you and you are too kind (they brought their laptops to help us email home). We're Skyping at the Christys again on Sunday but I don't really have a set time just yet sorry. I'll Skype anytime from 6:30-9 pm Irish time. 

This week was a little slow with finding and not teaching many people but we got to see Declan with Alexis and taught the Restoration. 

We have also been working with our YM because they are LA and got to help one of them do some missionary type activities that he wanted to do. 

Elder Jamieson got injured playing soccer though so he's been hobbling around on crutches. 

The Webers also went home this week :( 

The funniest thing that happened this week was walking into our bathroom to find a giant traffic cone in our shower placed there by the other elders. 

Sunday was actually pretty busy on account of a tour bus with members touring Ireland coming to the chapel so the whole chapel was full (probably about 35-40 people!) 

Give my congrats to Bo, Caroline, and Elisha for me and also forgot to tell you that the second pair of trousers that you gave me was way to tight.

Anyway take care of yourselves this week!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Spaghetti Tacos 
 This photo's for Sarah she'll know it from iCarly!

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