Monday, May 18, 2015

The Lord Truly Answers Any Prayer If You Have Faith!

Heya everyone!

So this week was a busy week. We had exchanges with the ZL's and the guys in our flat.

Got to teach Ben from Alaska POS (Plan of Salvation)and Qi POS and both went really well.

Ben is making progress and admitted that he believes in God which I was psyched for because he first told us he didn’t know if God was there!

We had Declan come to church finally and he enjoyed it! Bowen also came to church on his own!

I also taught Minerva for the last time this week and we got her set with a date for June 27!

On a sad note Alexis moved back to California :(

We also been getting in touch with some of our formers and got some set up to meet with us so hopefully that goes well.

Today I showed the guys the ruins that we went to around New Years so they got to take some pictures of that place.

Nothing else really crazy happened sadly.

A cool quick experience I had with prayer this week.

So while playing basketball, with the YM (Young Men), one of the brothers named Nathan got a bloody nose and a bad one at that. I quickly went over to my bag knowing I didn’t have anything to help but still I asked the Lord to give me something to help out. On the side of my bag pocket was a clean tissue given to me several weeks back at the last Testimony meeting (because I’m a cry baby after my testimonies.... don’t judge or you get punched!) so I gave that to him.

The Lord truly answers any prayer if you have faith!

This Sunday is Moves call so I’ll let yous all know what goes on next week!

Take care!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Picture taken from a previous trip to the castle.

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