Monday, May 25, 2015

Leaving the valley and shadow of Galway!‏ Heading to My Third Area, Paisley

Paisley, Scotland

So for those who haven't heard I’m going to the Paisley Zone in Scotland, which I’m pretty pumped about!

First off need to say that Elder Cavallaro had his surgery this week and it went well.

His mother had asked me to give him a blessing and I stayed the whole time with him. Although later, which was really frustrating,  they ended up kicking me out of the hospital because I was past "visiting hours". I then nearly broke a door trying to get out of the hospital because they wouldn’t open since they turned off the doors. 

Anyway I feel bad that I couldn't stay the whole time with him, I tried but because of the hospital rules I had to leave. But he's doing good though!

My companion is Elder. Stoker who goes home same time as Elder Cavallaro. I think I’ll be in Irvine so I don’t know about Greenock. (Mom's Note: I was baptized in Greenock and I have a cousin there.)

So this week we’ve spent a lot of time switching off spending time with Elder Cavallaro so we all get time to get out and work.

I don’t know yet what the travel plans are. I’m probably leaving Tuesday for Dublin staying the night there, then traveling by ferry Wednesday and traveling all day to Paisley.

In other news Elder Jamieson is also moving to Sligo so there will only be one pair of missionaries here. 

A crazy story for this week was yesterday coming back with one of the members to our bikes we saw a guy on the ground getting back up and he had blood all over his face where he had bashed his head tripping over his dogs lead. So when the member went to grab a medical kit I helped sit the guy down and was talking with him making sure he was coherent and everything because that was all I could do.

For the potluck this weekend me and Elder Cavallaro also made a new dessert dish called Nutellagna (dessert lasagna). It’s basically a heart attack waiting to happen but it’s delicious! Its layers of pancake with Nutella, raspberry jam, whip cream, duo chocolate spread, and frozen berries.


I’m sad to be leaving here but I’m also ready to leave so looking forward to new adventures in Scotland and especially getting my kilt!

Take care of yourselves!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Hope you'll have a good trip to Scotland, I bet weather is better than in Dublin 😉,
I'm very glad to have met you, thanks for all that you've taught me, different way to see life :)) all the best for your mission! "BM"

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