Monday, June 1, 2015

New Area, New Companion, Paisley in the Paisley Zone--So Far So Good!

Heya everyone!

Alls going good so far in Scotland and I'm actually in Paisley in the Paisley Zone/Stake.

So last week I left Tuesday evening and traveled to Dublin and then traveled all Wednesday, rode up to Belfast and from there we took the ferry. The ferry was good it wasn't too bad a ride. We got there at around 4 in Glasgow.

I like Elder Stoker he's a nice guy.  He wants to get in shape before he goes home so we go run every other morning and are trying to eat healthy when at the flat. 

So since getting here I've been mainly trying to get used to the area and I'm now in a bus and walking area.

I've only been able to meet 2 of our investigators so far and one of them seems pretty promising. His name is Scott and the instant we walked in all you smelled was weed but he was super nice and said that since hes been meeting with the missionaries he's noticed a change in his life (and that's not just the dope talking!)

The other guy we met is named Andrew and he's a Catholic.

E. Stoker wants to go to a mass session before he goes home so we might go with Andrew to his and get him to come to ours.

So I finally got to have a Scottish kebab which was amazing! It was as large as a pizza (I got a king kebab).

We are working with a lot of LA's and the bishop wants us to do that as a major focus.

The ward here is pretty big or at least compared to Galway about 100 or so and the members I've met are really nice.

We've got like 5 DA's (dinner appointments) this week so I'm both looking forward to that and not (because I'll get fat)  :(

I also gave a talk on Sunday about prayer and how it's brought me closer to God and I thought it went alright. I did it on one of my favorite talks which is Bread or Stones: Understanding the God we pray to but have personalized to myself so it went alright.

One of the members came up to me after and said how in my talk it was an answer to her prayer with something she was struggling with and said that I was an instrument in the hand of the Lord.

So this week we're busy with Scotland West Conference and on Saturday we get to see Elder Holland! I'm so pumped I get to see and meet the Bulldog of the Apostles!

Anyway yous all have a great week! Take care.


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

With Elder C, before transferring from Galway
Paisley Stake Center (Image taken from Internet)*
*Mom's Note: This is the very first LDS Chapel that I visited. It was here that I stood in the doorway of the cultural hall as I watched the members visiting with each other and said to myself "I want what they have." It was also the first building I went to for my Stake Conference and to watch General Conference.

(Image taken from the Internet)

Paisley is a town that is situated about 7 miles west of Glasgow and 53 miles west of Edinburgh. It is the largest town in Scotland, outside the four principal cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh (capital), Aberdeen and Dundee. It was an important ecclesiastical center during Medieval times, based around the 13th century Abbey.
Image taken from the Internet
The growth of Paisley in the early 19th Century primarily through textiles (printing, bleaching, cotton thread) lead to the name of ‘Paisley’ been given to the distinctive pattern of curving shapes found on silk and cotton fabric.*

*Interestingly 'Paisley' ties are quite popular with the missionaries.

USW-Paisley (Image taken from the Internet)

Located in Paisley is one of the largest of the four University of the West of Scotland (UWS-Paisley) campuses. It is located only a few minutes walk from Paisley Gilmour Street Train Station with easy access to Glasgow and Ayshire. The University in Paisley serves around 10,000 students offering a range of courses and research opportunities in business, computing, social sciences, engineering, science, health, nursing and midwifery. 

USU-Paisley (Image taken from the Internet)

Gilmour Street Station (Image taken from the Internet

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