Monday, June 29, 2015

Watch Out For Men Carrying Plants!

Heya everyone!

So this week was a pretty busy/interesting week.

So Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Greenock with the Greenock Elders because the ZL's (Zone Leader’s) had MLC (Missionary Leader Council) and they were blitzing another area so I was helping out the other area.

A funny experience happened where on Tuesday night we were heading back to the flat when Elder White, my DL (District Leader), stopped a guy to ask if we could help carry in his plants.

The guy is like 20 something mind you, and Elder White asked him what brings him happiness in life.

The guy says that growing the plants does.

Well Elder White and his comp ask again to take the plants to his flat and the guy lets them.

Well we get to his flat and we were hit by the strongest wave of weed smell that I’ve been around. They instantly took the plants then slammed the door.

The Greenock Elders had just helped carry weed up to a weed farm....!

Also met GQed (Golden Questioned) a guy this week who said he was a fallen angel and that he’d seen signs everywhere telling him he’s an angel.

Other than that we just worked in the ZL's area. They had a baptism so we were busy with that on Saturday.

Take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Rachael's Baptism
June 27, 2015

 NOTES: From Mom: Elder T is serving in Johnstone with the Zone Leaders so here are some pictures downloaded from the internet of Landmarks in Johnstone Scotland, in the Paisley Zone of the Scotland/Ireland Mission.

Some landmarks in Johnstone, Scotland

The war memorial in Houstoun Square

 Johnstone Castle
Plague on Johnstone Castle

Frederick Chopin 1810 - 1849
To commemorate the temporary
residency of the composer and pianist
Frederick Chopin at Johnstone Castle.
Chopin was a guest of Ludovic Houstoun,
5th Laird of Johnstone Castle whose wife he
had tutored in Paris. He stayed at
Johnstone Castle for most of the month
of September 1848 prior to giving a
concert at the Merchants Hall in Glasgow
on the 27th of that year.

 Johnstone Station

High Street Johnstone

NOTE: From Mom
Tuesday and Wednesday he spent in Greenock with the District Leader, Elder White and his companion. 
Greenock is where I joined the church back on October 1st, 1981 

(Images downloaded from the Internet)

Greenock LDS Chapel

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