Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm a "Papi"!

So got our moves call and found out that I am training so going to be a “papi”! Both excited and nervous.
This week I spent 2 days in Pollock with the Elders there to help out their area and the rest of the week just continued to help out the ZL's area.
It’s been lots of fun working in a trio but I’m ready to just get back to my area and get some life back in it!
We got them a new investigator named Connor who’s a real nice guy and he’s really interested. He’s reading a lot from the BOM at the moment but doesn’t really understand what’s going on but he feels the Spirit so that’s good.
He came to church along with another of their investigators so they had a good day yesterday.
Had my first week ever with all 0's for my goals in missionary work but not much I can do about it. Just got to go to the grind! Take care this week!
Hey so I forgot to mention in my email that we met with President Donaldson and he was really nice and good, I think he’ll be a very good President for the rest of my mission. And yea we heard about President Packer and President Donaldson said that Richard D. Scott is also not well at the moment so we could end up having another pass.

Take care,

Love ya,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 With Elders Beckstrand, Haller and Stoker
Posted by Jeff L. Stoker

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