Monday, July 20, 2015

A First, A Suprise Hug and Some New People!

Heya everyone!

So this week just still been busy with finding new people.

Had an interesting experience happen though with one of the people we met.

So we were taking the bus back to go GQ (Golden Questioning) in the center of town when I had come to mind a potential nearby to visit. So I thought why not we got time to kill and well just GQ on the way there.

Well on the way over there I saw a street which had another potential down it so I'm like while we're here lets find him.

We go down and find out we're at the wrong address but this guy named Paul helps walk around with us to find the address.

We talked with him the whole time and he says he thinks there's more out there after this life but is not sure what and is interested to learn more so were going to try and meet with him this week.

Also last Monday night we met this really nice guy named Duncan who we're hopefully going to meet up with tomorrow night.

On Saturday we did a finding activity in the center with a whiteboard where we wrote a question up on it and then get people to come over and write their answers on the board.

It was the four of us elders and the 2 Recent Convert's Cat and Rachel.

I met a nice guy named Jordan who's a musician and is really chill and said he'd meet up with us and also met a French girl who likes metal music.

In fact when I said I liked it she jumped up and gave me a big hug which took me by surprise.

We also got back late one night and on the way back we had a drunk older woman ask who we were and we talked with her and she said we were really nice/sweet lads and pulled us in for a hug and kissed us each.

So got my first drunk kiss on my mission haha!

Well that's all the major news for this week. 
I pray that well be getting some of these people to hold their appointments or are willing to meet up so we can start teaching again. 
Take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


 Some Pictures Received from Anne Harrison
Studying the Menu, with Elder Ward
 Tucking into Starters!
 Elder Ward and Elder Tarbet
 Sending some love!
 Elder Tarbet with Sister Harrison
THANK YOU Sister Harrison

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