Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still Discovering the Area, Finding New People and Getting A New Companion

Heya everyone! 
So this week has been so far about the same. 
Just trying to learn the area and find new people. 
Didn't see Scott this week, still trying to navigate the area and learn the bus routes. Right now we're still only working with 3 of the investigators because all the others (8 in total) we haven't heard back from and I still haven't been able to meet them.
Last PDay we went hiking trying to get to castle ruins but got blocked off by a herd of bulls (they were all snip snipped so they were pretty tame/calm but was still kinda freaky/scary). 

 Bulls In A Field
(Image Download From The Internet)

We met with the guy Mark from the restaurant and turns out he is gay. 
How do I know that, he gave off several signs including getting one of his ties and putting it around my neck then stroked my cheek.... needless to say I stayed cool.
Well we later saw him again and had a really good lesson with him and he is willing to learn but we are wary of him a little bit. 
Zone day was good. 
We played some yoga football, normal football, and had a dodge ball tournament. 
The biggest difference between my last area and here is that Ireland was more rural and had a more country feel to it while Paisley seems to be pretty run down, and more closed in. So far the people are not as happy.
Not really much else happened this week sadly, just finding and dealing with man loving investigators. 
Take care of yourselves!
Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)
 With Elder Stoker Before He Transferred to Aberdeen

 A Street In Paisley
(Images downloaded from the Internet)

 Glasgow/Paisley Zones on Zone Development Day
Monday June 15, 2015
 Elder T with Elder Burch
 Elder T with Elder Burch and Elder Ward

Elder Pienaar, Elder Burch, Elder Beckstrand with Elder Welch in the front

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