Monday, March 30, 2015

A Great Testimony Meeting and More Pictures from Zone Development Day!

Heya everyone this week was a good week. 

Had Z day and got to play some good ole CTF (Chase The Flag) and also went on exchanges this week in Limerick. 

Not a ton happened this week but we had a great testimony meeting yesterday. 

Uriel got up and bore his testimony that all he's learning is true and invited everyone to his Baptism! It was so great! 

On Saturday we also had a potluck and we all made something and I made Nutella chocolate chip cookies with a recipe that I found online which was pretty good. 

Well sorry to say nothing else really happened, it was a slow week with rainy weather yet again. Sorry :( 

Anyway have a good craic this week and take care of yourselves! 

Elder Tarbet (Vegeta)

PS. Some answers to questions:

When you travel to Limerick for Zone Development/Zone Conference do you get a ride or do you go by bus?
We always take the bus for Limerick. 

Are all the Daffodils out?
Yea there are a lot of yellow Daffodils everywhere.

Have your seen the new Church video "Because He Lives" that has been released for Easter?
Yea, were doing another mission initiative with it. We're getting the cards for it tomorrow. 

 Link to the Video:

What is the Galway and Limerick branch Buildings like?
The building in Limerick is a normal chapel and ours is like an office.

Limerick Chapel
(picture downloaded from the internet)

Galway Branch
(Picture from the Internet)

Some more pictures from the Zone Development Day


Sister Sandra Uraski Hale: Another awesome Limerick Zone development day. The Elders and Sisters met at the Limerick church building and then traveled to a beautiful forested park where they played hard all afternoon.

After an afternoon of fun, time to eat!
 Thanks for the great food!
Taking my photo again!
Thumbs up!
Don't you just love it when you photo is snapped with food in your mouth!

 Sisters Stribling and Martin
 Elder Shubin

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