Monday, March 9, 2015

A Great Week, Transfer Calls and Guess Who's Coming Here!

Heya everyone!

So this week was great!

So first off we were given permission to have exchanges with the other elders in our flat once a transfer so we had our transfers this week.

We had a lot of success and found quite a few more people to possibly teach and had one awesome lesson!

Me and Elder Novotny taught Uriel our investigator from Vera Cruz in Mexico about the POS (Plan of Salvation) which went great and we invited him to be baptized. He says he'll pray about it to get a personal witness for himself to make sure it's the best thing for him but he accepted but we don't have a date yet but we're still pumped for him because he's so great!

We also got our moves call and were all staying except for Elder Novotny, hes going to Pollock in Scotland being a DL (District Leader) so were excited for him. And you'll never guess who is coming to replace him...... my poppie Elder Cavallaro!!!

I'm so stoked that he's coming to live in our flat.

I also gave a talk in church on being a Disciple of Christ which went pretty well and i've got a cool story that happened for that.

So Bowen our RC (Recent Convert) was passing the sacrament for the first time and I was doing it with him to show him and as the prayer for the bread was being said I said a quick prayer that Uriel would show up for the sacrament and my talk. Well as I finally sat back I saw movement in the window and looked up and saw it was Uriel that showed up!

Anyway hope you all have a great week and have loads of craic!

Take care.


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. So answering your questions:

How long does it take you to travel by bus to District Meeting?
It takes like 2 to 2 and a half hours to get to District Meeting (DM) in Limerick.

Who is your District Leader?
Elder Scott is our DL and he's awesome!

Who is in your District?
I don't know who is in our district right now because of moves.

What do you do at night?
At night we either chapp (knock on doors) or do night gqing (Golden Questioning/street contacting) and do that a lot when appointments fall through which happens a lot here.

Here are some pictures from our Zone Development Day:

Limerick Zone
Zone Developement Day
February 23, 2015

Having fun with the pie eating contest

Elder Udell

 Time for races!

Let's eat, if there's still room after all that pie!

Up and Over!

Elder Weber taking a break!

Sister Mikinley Mart, Elder Weber and Sister Montoya

 Elder Novotny

 Elder Udell (far right)

Elder Shubin

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