Monday, March 2, 2015

A Blessed Week, And The Uggliest Birthday Cake!

This week we have been very blessed! 

Like I already said we had ZDD (Zone Development Day) which was fun and then after emailing we had a lesson with a Lamanite! 

His name is Uriel and he's from Mexico City (I think).

Anyway he's really awesome and is completly ready for the Gospel and so willing to learn and come to church its great! 

We're going to invite him this week in our next lesson with him because he's progressing already and we think he'll except it! 

We didn't see Ben but well see him again in the future. We also weren't able to see Terry last week but hope to see him this week.

I also made a cake for Elder Novotny's Birthday and well..... it's the most ugliest cake in the world! Haha. I made it out of scone mix because I can't make a basic cake by hand and chopped up some bananas into it and then put a lemon custard on and inside it. It tasted great but looked so bad. 

We also have had raging tempest weather again this week. The wind has been blowing so hard that we have to pedal hard to bike downhill! And yesterday was great with tons of ice and rain. We showed up to church soaking wet but that's a typical day in Galway. 

We had Uriel at church yesterday and another investigator who's name is Josephine (who calls my companion Stewart for some reason). We also got let into the home because we were checking on how their son was doing and she thought it was so nice that she let us in and we talked to her and her son and then her son asked for pamphlets and gave us apple sponge pie which was delicious! 

But yea we got really blessed with our new investigators and in meeting a great guy! 

Love yous all and take care! 

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. Woke up to this on the ground this morning my first thought was "Well today is going to be a great biking day...."

Also Saturday is the day before moves call and out here in the mish (mission) we call it MANOK which stands for Moves Anticipation Night of Kebabs but since the kebabs down here in the Republic are not that great we changed it to MANOP (Moves Anticipation Night of Pizza).  

Here's some more pics of the cake and a picture of the split glass with butter, 
when making the Red Velvet cake, a couple of weeks ago.

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