Monday, March 16, 2015

Good News and Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Heya everyone what's the craic!? 

Happy St. Patrick's day this week! 

So last week was pretty quiet in the flat since Elder Udell and Cavallaro didn't get here until Friday. 

On Moves day me and Elder Shubin went shopping. Well I tried to get some new trousers and the 2 I did get that fit me the best are even more tight than my normal slacks are when we're biking which was the first reason why I was getting more "trousers." So what did I learn.... my legs are too fat and weird for European trousers....stupid short beefy legs (Mom's note: strong wrestler legs, made even stronger from all the cycling). 

Anyway we had some great lessons with Uriel and guess what.... got a baptismal date for him on April 11! So excited! Hes a stud. 

We also got another new investigator who is also from Mexico! 

We barely have any Irish investigators because they are not really interested, all our work is done mostly with foreigners funny enough and it's not just us, that's how it is throughout most of the mission. 

I'll let you all know how St Patty's day goes over here in good ole Ireland. 

God bless. 

Love and take care,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine) 

PS. Did you celebrate Mother's Day at Church yesterday?
Yea yesterday we sang Love at Home at the end of Sacrament to the mothers.

Will you get to eat a typically Irish meal on St. Patrick's day?
We probably won't be having that meal but we will be at the Weber's tomorrow.

Some Notes Added by Mom:

Picture of Elder Tarbet with Elder Cavallaro
They're boys are back together!
Posted by Louise on Facebook March 16, 2015

In honor of St. Patrick's Day 
and the guys serving out there in Galway 
here is "Galway Bay"

 Have a Happy and Save St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

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