Monday, January 12, 2015

Exchanges to Limerick, All Ireland Conference and A Baptism

Heya hope yous all have had a good week!

This week I've been pretty busy and we've been out of Galway for the most part on account of exchanges in Limerick (also known as Stab City*, haha) and in Dublin for our all Ireland Conference.

All Ireland Conference January 8, 2015
Photo Courtesy of Elder Weber

The Conference in Dublin was really good. We listened to a really good talk from President Uchtdorf to the new Mission President's on being a Disciple of Christ.

How long did it take you to get to the Conference? 

We left Limerick at 6:00 and got there at 10:00.

We mainly spent a lot of time on finding while we were in Limerick. Then on Saturday we were back in Limerick for Bowen's Baptism! 

It was really good and I gave one of the talks on Baptism.

With Bowen and Elder Shubin

Does Bowen speak English and will he be attending the Galway Branch?

Bowen speaks English as well as Chinese and Elder Shubin used to be a Chinatown Elder which is why he is able to speak Mandarin. Bowen will be attending the Galway Branch until he leaves to go back to China in May.

Yesterday I also got to confirm Bowen so that was a really great experience.

How has your weather been?

We have had lots of rain and wind lately so it's been pretty crazy weather.

You mentioned that you'll be sad to see the Weber's leave. Are they due to leave soon?

The Weber's are due to finish in April but might stay a month longer if they are able.

Do you get dinners or do you have to cook your own meals?

For the most part we cook our own food and Elder Shubin cooks Chinese or the Weber's have us over.

Are you far from the stores and if so how do you travel to them?

We get a ride from Elder Weber to go shopping on PDays, otherwise we just ride our bikes to the store.

What has been your most interesting experience so far in Galway?

Not sure yet on the most interesting experience, I've got a lot more time to spend here before I pick anything.

Other than that not much else happened besides talking to an absolute loon in Limerick who for no reason said I was racist and that all Americans are "barbaric, sadistic, murdering, stupid buffoons" or something along those lines.

Anyhow hope you all have a great week!

Love yous all, take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Photo bombing at the All Ireland Conference
Picture Courtesy of Elder Weber

Email from Elder Weber and Photo:
Dear Tarbets and Shubins, We just had your missionary sons over for dinner with Bowen, their investigator who needed to have a Skype interview by a Chinese Missionary leader from Scotland. So I was able to get this picture for you while they were here. The Baptism is tomorrow in Limerick at 2pm. A good day for the Galway Branch. - E. Weber

With Bowen and Elder Shubin at the Weber's
January 9, 2015

Bowen's Baptism January 10, 2015
Photos Courtesy of Elder Weber

Me dressed up in some stuff I found around the flat. Ready for proselyting Galway style!

*Information taken from the internet: "Stab City" refers to the supposed frequency with which knife crime occurs in Limerick. The reputation Limerick developed as a dangerous place originated in the early 1900's from the drug scene in Limerick. As of April 2013 a news  report stated that Limerick's former reputation as 'Stab City' was no wholly undeserved. Unfortunately the name has stuck even though Limerick is no more dangerous than any other large city in Ireland.

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