Monday, February 15, 2016

Back At Work In Dalkeith!

Heya everyone! 

So this week we got to go and teach Annette and Maxine which was really great to see them and have the chance to teach them again.

Annette has really come a long way since I last met her and she is so passionate about the Gospel and the scriptures to the point that you feel like she has been a member for years!

Maxine is still on her way for March 25 so were working with her in helping prepare her for that day.

We've been doing some finding and met a couple of people but most of the appointments we made with them fell through but that's missionary work for ya.

We were able to teach our investigator Joseph and we got him out to church and he seemed to enjoy it.

On Saturday we stopped by a LA member we are working with named Denise who was struggling with some things mentally and she felt like she had a demon inside her so needless to say we gave her a blessing.

We got to see Keith as well on Saturday but sadly he doesn't really have the desire to progress to come back to church but hopefully he'll come around again in the future.

Wer'e going to periodically check in on him to see how his family is doing.

Hope you all had a good week take care and God Bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. My district has 2 other companionships. Gala (Galashiels) has Elders Fisher and Sheppard and Dumfries has Sisters Fechser and Plumber.

Making Dinner for Burn's Night


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