Monday, February 8, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Galashiels, Hallo Dalkeith - I'm Back!

Look who I ran into!

So I'm back in Dalkeith and getting to work. 

Before I left we got to see Kenny and give him a blessing of healing since he had been sick most of the week again and wasn't getting better and we had a last minute NI (New Investigator) lesson with a guy named Jim. 

Other than saying goodbye to people and traveling and getting settled back again in Dalkeith not much else happened. 

Most missionaries travel by bus and train to their next mode of transportation if they are moving to a new area because they plan out our moves. 

We are still on foot/bus here in Dalkeith. It felt good but weird to be back. 

Jack, Anna, and Annette are all doing good. 

No DM (District Meeting) this week cause we were supposed to have a conference but it's been cancelled.

Got your package by the way thank you again! Already started reading Infinite Atonement and loving i!:)

We met a person named Zoe chapping yesterday and also someone who really did not want a card slipped through their post slot beause they were behind the door holding it down haha. 

We were supposed to have met with our investigator Joseph yesterday (a guy I met while I was with Elder Kinville in Dalkeith) but he canceled on us :( 

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. 

God Bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


With Kenny


With Dougie



With Kate

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