Monday, August 3, 2015

Celebrating Hump Day!


Haha I loved the video! Thanks! 

Here are some answers to Mom's questions:

Have you been able to see Scott or Andrew again?

We've seen Scott but not Andrew.

Was Elder Haller in your District at the MTC?

Yes, Elder Haller was in my District in the MTC.

Do you get dinner appointments in your area?

We get a couple of DA's not a ton.

Did you receive all of my packages yet?

I got all your packages, thank you!
What has the weather been like, have you seen any summer yet?

Its been raining a lot, so it doesn't feel like summer.

Do you have any Hump Day traditions in the Mission?

We burn a shirt when we reach our hump day!

 Burning of the Shirt!

One year down, one more to go....

These have seen better days!
But not too bad considering a years worth walking!

President Kimball is remembered for his statement, 
“My life is like my shoes—to be worn out in service.”
 Quoted in Boyd K. Packer, "The Twelve”, Ensign, April 2015, 83
New shoes were received in time for Hump Day
New Show on the Left, Old on the Right! 

A big THANK YOU to everyone for all the  support you have given me over this past year!
Love you guys!

ELder Tarbet (Wolverine)

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