Monday, May 2, 2016

Hanging in There, Answering Some Questions, But Mother's Day Skype?

Hiya everyone,  

So this week we have just been busy with doing some finding. 

Got some new potentials named Katrina, Helen, Jesse and we got a referral named Patty who lives in Cavan, the land of my grandfather (got Cavan blood in me ha!). 

We also had like 8 LA's (less actives) at church yesterday and one of our RC's (recent converts) brought their cousin to church whose name is Andrew but he might be moving back to his home country so well see if we are able to teach him.

Got blood results came back good so means I'm not dying which is good. 😊 Just waiting for next appointment to get scans. I'll let yous all know how that goes. 

Love you all take care!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

PS. My comp was for a short time a Chinese speaking elder and he looked up what my missionary name in Chinese means and it means man of slaughter, haha!)

Answers to Mom's questions: 

So Relapsed Appendicitis is I think kinda like grumbling appendicitis. 

I finished the antibiotics!

In our district is we have 3 companionship's. 

We are the Finglas District and yes in Dublin Zone. We meet at the Finglas chapel for District Meeting. 

We won't be seeing President Uchtdorf didn't even know he was coming.

We got to see Hussain in the week but had to push back his date again because he's still waiting on a visa. He really wants to get baptized though.

In regards to the Message of the Atonement our purpose as missionaries starts off by saying "Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement." The Atonement is at the center of everything in the Gospel and our message that we share with people for it all centers around Jesus Christ. Everything else is just appendages to it. 

Sad to say we didn't get around to scheduling with members for mother's day times or place so will have to get back to you on that later in the week from the church computer or something.💞

Pizza With the Nesbitts




Groceries Bought and Provided by An Angel

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