Monday, November 2, 2015

A Miracle Week!

Heya everyone,

So this week was pretty good.

Met with Annette and Maxine this week while on exchanges with my DL (District Leader) Elder Crowe (for those who don't know he’s one of the singers in the Mormon band Beyond 5.)

We were going to talk to them about some solutions we had come with for them to come up to church but for the most part me and E. Kinville both had no clue how to help, it’s all in the Lords hands.

Well as soon as I brought up church they broke into smiles and said they found a solution to the problem themselves, basically appeared in front of them. They'll be able to come out to church at the end of the month!

Absolute miracle.

Yes they celebrate Halloween out here, but we did not get to celebrate as we had to be in our flat by 6:00 PM on Halloween night.
Been finding some other potentials this week, a person named Joseph and Rhona both are Catholic but last night we ran into a really solid family.

The couple is Gary and Lora and they were excited to talk with us.

Gary even said when he saw us going around the neighbourhood he was hoping we’d knock his door.

They are Church of Scotland but are basically dry Mormons haha! (living our standards) The kicker to it all is he practices Masonry.

So we begin the week with Masonry and end it with Masonry!

Good craic!

Take care and God bless!

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)
 Look What I Found:

 The Dalkeith Flat

Thank's to Jack and Anna McNeill for these pictures:

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