Monday, November 23, 2015

Well Lo and Behold--In Hawick!

Heya everyone,

So just been busy still at work here.

So this week we had a huge meeting up in Dundee that lasted like the whole day so we had a great time road tripping most of the day, ha ha.

We met with Mark and Elizabeth again this week and Elizabeth came to church yesterday so that was really good.

We got a new investigator named Leslie who we are meeting again with tonight and she's really nice and has a great belief in God.

Had an interesting experience happen to us this week.

While in Hawick we were talking to people on the street and met this guy named George.

Well George is an Atheist and doesn't care about God at all and was asking us to prove that he was there.

Well suffice to say he wouldn't let us speak and was just swearing a storm at us and when I was trying to bear my testimony he would say that I don't know that God is there.

I get really fired up when people tell me what I do or don't believe, so we left him and proceeded to go chap some doors.

Well lo and behold we chapped right into him which did not go well.

He was really mad at us and swearing up a storm saying for us to stop begging for money and leave.

As we were leaving I was trying to just say bye and be kind and gave him a smile and when I did he and his friend were threatening to come over and punch me.

Well good news for them they didn't and I kept my mouth shut otherwise we might have had a missionary on the news.

I was about to tell him to go ahead and try but the Spirit quickly told me to be quiet so I followed promptly.

So yea got to continue to learn patience and keep calm.

Take care and God Bless!

Love Yous,

Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)


Frequent winner of national floral awards, Hawick is the largest of the Border towns and internationally famous for fine quality knitwear.
Hawick has a long and colorful history which can be traced back to the 12th century, when King David I granted land to a Norman family, the Lovels. Today Hawick is part of the TextileTrail and the major center for the industry in the Scottish Borders. The town therefore has many shops with a large selection of knitwear and cashmere.
Attractions include the Borders Textile Towerhouse in which the heritage of Scotland's premier textile manufacturing region is presented within a restored 16th-century tower house. Wilton Lodge Park, on the wooded banks of the River Teviot, has 107 acres of riverside and tree-lined walks, and a walled garden. The Hawick Museum and Scott Gallery detail the town's history and provide a venue for visiting exhibitions.
'The Horse' at the end of the High Street commemorates the victory of local youths over English invaders at nearby Hornshole in 1514. During the skirmish, the Abbot's banner was taken and triumphantly carried back to Hawick. One of the oldest Border Common Ridings, held in early summer, honours this event where 'The Horse' becomes the centrepiece for this symbolic festival. Other events in the town include the Summer Festival and the Hawick Reivers Festival.

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 Hawick Townhall

Hawick Common Riding
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Elder Kinville, Elder Gullion, Elder Tarbet and Elder Roylance

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