Monday, November 16, 2015

Transfer to Galashiels (5th Area), Just A Hop and A Skip Down the Road

Heya everyone, 

So I've been in Galashiels for about 5 days now and it's been pretty good. 

We have a car in the area because the area is pretty big but I don't know our address yet. 

We're within 5 min drive of the church and into town and my comp is great. 

Like I said before he served in Portadown and was trained by my 2nd comp.

Got drenched from Thursday on from the weather just pouring down, (the effects from Storm Abigail) winter is on its way. :( 

We've met with some of the investigators here in the area. 

One whose name is Elizabeth, who has a baptism date for the 5th of December. 

We also have been working with a guy named Mark who is the partner of a LA (Less Active)and we went over receiving answers to prayers and praying with real intent. 

Met with him again last night and he said he took to heart what we talked about with praying with real intent and so is really trying we think to get an answer. 

The branch here is quite small. Only 11 or so people at church but still very nice branch. 

We're just hard at work looking for more people. 

Take care!

Love Yous,


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 Sad Faces Before Transfer
Thank you Anne Harrison!

Elder Roylance, Elder Guillion, Elder Tarbet and Elder Kinville
Transfers Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 Arial view of Galashiels Branch from Google Earth

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