Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfer Calls, On the Move Again But Not Too Far!

Heya everyone,

So got's some news. 

So we got moves call and I'm being transferred to Galashiels, Scotland. I'll still be in the same district though. 

My companion is Elder Gullion who was trained by Elder Lewis my second comp so that will be interesting. 

To be honest I have mixed feelings about the whole thing because I've been growing to love the Dalkeith members and the people we work with. 

Keith and his family came out to church yesterday and last week we got Annette a date for the 19th of December. 

We taught her the Stop Smoking program which she was struggling with all the way up until Sunday morning where she said she woke up feeling like a dark cloud was lifted from her mind. 

The night before she wasn't sure if she was going to continue. 

Goes to show that as we persist through out trials given to us we will receive God's grace through the Atonement when we need it most, "after all we can do". 

We got a new investigator, Gary the Church of Scotland Mason. Sadly won't be teaching him anytime soon now :( 

Also had Guy Fawkes night you know celebrating fireworks kinda like in V for Vendetta if any of yous have seen the movie. 

Didn't do much for that just heard lots of squibs (fireworks) as they call it here. 

Also got my kilt this past week with the rest of the gettup. 


The shirt is called a Ghetti shirt, something that William Wallace kinda wore. 

The tartan is Hunting MacGregor which is my Clan through my moms side.

Oh forgot to mention this week that we also chapped in a "No Cold Caller zone" but we just found out today that it doesn't affect us but at the time we didn't know, escpecially since a guy threatened to call the police. We kept chapping anyway because Christ has more prevalence over men for me haha! 

Take care and God bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

 We need to be on "Higher Ground" if we're going to find those investigators!

Pictures taken in the grounds of Dalkeith Palace/Castle


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