Monday, December 7, 2015

Desmond, Disappointment, But Then On The Bright Side...

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So this week we had a disappointing weekend, in the fact that Elizabeth did not get baptized. 

She passed her interview but she herself did not feel ready so we postponed the baptism. Don’t have a new date yet but hopefully well get a new one quickly.  

On the bright side we got three new investigators one named Gavin, the self referral and the other two are a couple named James and Mary. 

The lesson we had with Gavin was good, we taught him the Restoration and we invited him to be baptized when he felt the Spirit but he’s not quite sure yet so hopefully we'll talk to him more about it when he gets time off work to meet. 

The other couple are a referral from some missionaries in Dundee and they are the friend of a member named Anne from Dundee. 

We taught them the Restoration as well and invited to be baptized and they said yes! 

No date yet though. It was a very powerfully spiritual lesson and they are wonderful they fed us lunch after and want to have us over for dinner some time.

Yesterday we had a person while chapping last night threaten to call the police because we "shouldn't be knocking so late at night" (it was only 6:30....) and same thing last Monday. I’ve had three people within the course of two months threaten to call the police (the other time was in Dalkeith). 

Other than that just spent some of our week traveling to and from Dumfries because the Dumfries elders got in a bad crash so their car is getting fixed but they are okay :) 

Answers to some of your questions:

Yea and Annette and her daughter Maxine were the two we worked with that I made the cake for. Maxine and Annette both came out this last Sunday. 

People for the most part don't really decorate their homes. Some do but most don't. 

This last weekend one of the towns in our area was flooded from all the rain. 



 Flooding in Hawick from Storm Desmond

Other than that weathers alright and roads aren't that bad.

Take care and God bless!


Elder Tarbet (Wolverine)

Galashiels, Scotland
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Flood Waters in Hawick, Scotland
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NOTE from Mom Flooding in Hawick:
"600 people were evacuated from their homes along the river bank.
Some sought refuge in the local sport centre, many spent the night in bed and breakfasts or with friends and family.
In nearby Newcastleton people were also moved out of their homes temporarily as Storm Desmond made its mark.
The local volunteer flood group in Hawick were busy helping throughout. Now the town counts the cost and assesses the damage." 

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