Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Skype with the Family!

Saying Hi To  The Family!

Sharing Some Stories from the Mission

Some Advice to his Sister:
 "I have complete faith that the Lord will put you in a mission that you are able to go to, but the thing is if you are planning on it you really need to prepare, like mentally prepare, and emotionally…. The way people react to us as missionaries, it is brutal, the remarks that you sometimes hear. They don't pull any punches."
Wait for it,  Drum Roll, I have some news....!

 We get to go see "Star Wars" on Boxing Day!
“So basically it is in Stirling, we’re picking up Dalkeith, going to drive to Stirling, spend like all day in Stirling at President Freed’s House, the Stake President, have pizza, we might be doing service out there. So basically it’s going to be like 20 some missionaries hanging out for the whole day…. It’s going to be good!”

Pretty Excited!

Saying Goodbye and Sending Love!
Thanks to everyone for all your love and support!

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