Monday, August 18, 2014

First PDay Email from Portadown

Hey I’m doing good here. 

We were only in Edinburgh for the day and then I got my new zone and companion. Apparently you found out before I could even tell you. 

I liked Edinburgh it was really nice and a pretty place. 

We hiked Pratt’s Hill which was pretty fun and had a good view. At the top all us who were new missionaries sang High on the Mountain Top. 

Later me and my companion did a little street contacting that night on the streets and the people were really nice. The next day we left early in the morning again and had a 3 and a half hour bus drive to get to the ferry (I don’t remember where we stopped to get on the ferry). The ferry was really cool and got to have some amazing fish and chips on the ride. 
Stena Line Ferry at Stranraer
It was only 2 hours and then we got off in Belfast and rode the train to Portadown which was an hour trip. 
First Apartment in the Mission Field
Then I just unpacked that evening and we then went to a members house for dinner. They are the Keery's and are really nice, and Br. Keery got on Facebook and messaged mom that he had me in his house. 

Sunday was really good the ward is super nice and they feed us tons of food which tastes delicious. I’ve really been enjoying the area so far. 

On Friday we went to a members place to do service and he fed us lunch/dinner. His name is Br. Donnelly and he is a nice older man.  He fed us so much food. 
Then we met a new family from Portugal that just moved into the ward and the father is named Pedro. He and his family are really nice and he wants us to teach his sister the gospel and we are actually going to be teaching them English lessons too. 

My companion is Elder Cavallaro from Italy and he’s super cool and chill. We get along really well and he’s been out for a year already and been in Portadown for 4 and a half months. 

Yesterday we ate at the Weirs house, who are really nice members and they fed us a lot of good food to. 

We don’t have any investigators at the moment were still working on our referrals to get one but it’s going good I think. 

I’m going to Belfast later today for PDay so were going to have some fun down there. The weathers not been bad here it’s only sprinkled a bit when we’ve been out but it’s getting colder and darker so the fall weather is coming quick here. 

Let me know how things are going back home.

Love ya.

Elder Tarbet

PS. I forgot to mention that 2 Thursdays ago in the MTC we went Finding in Manchester for an hour or so. It was good and bad at the same time. Nobody would talk or listen but we talked with a couple of people. Kinda gave me a feel for how the mission work will be but it's been better here out in the field.

Elder Cavallaro and Elder Tarbet  outside the Portwadown Ward Chapel. 
Pictures taken by Elder and Sister Forsyth who were attending the Portadown Ward for Ward Conference on Sunday August 17, 2014

Some PDay Pictures

St. Mark's Church, Portadown, Co. Armagh

Victoria Square Shopping Center, Belfast

City Hall, Belfast

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