Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4th Week--An Awsome Time

How was your first Zone Development Day? 

I had an awesome time. 

We played touch rugby and American football so that was fun. 

We've got 2 new investigators! 

Pedro's sister who we're teaching English to later (today, the Portuguese family I told you about last week) and then a nurse named Louise who is gorgeous! And she is a golden investigator! She really felt the Spirit, we’re teaching her tomorrow and she’s coming back to church on Sunday. She is already following the Word of Wisdom and is praying for one of our ward members who’s in ICU. 

She’s great and as my father calls her (trainers and trainees are known as fathers and sons) a Babetism ;) 

Other than that we’ve met some other people but not very many more potentials and just been trying to find others. 

Thanks for that pic I miss you guys and my buds but every day is a new adventure so it’s all good! 

Did you give my letters to each of the guys and do you happen to have all their mission emails and stuff for me to email? 

I’ll be looking for that package I’ll talk to you next week.

Elder Tarbet

Zone Development Day--Monday August 25, 2014 
Pictures Courtesy of Elder Rex Forsyth
Some Fun Activities
Thread the Pasta Challenge

Time to Play
Playing Duck, Duck, Goose!
Time to eat:)

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