Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1st PDay at the England Missionary Training Centre

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How are you doing and how’s the rest of the family. Its been good here and been having a good time. My companion is from St. George and is a cool kid. So’s the rest of my district. 
I’ve been doing alright in the lessons and the foods been okay. We actually don't eat that much and it's super healthy so I’ve been keeping in shape. Been doing my workouts which keep me in shape a little bit so I’m happy for that. 
Had some “horse” or “harse” as you’d say and it was pretty good. My favorite dinner so far has been shepherd’s pie. So good!
I got a letter from a Sister Edwards who knew you before you left on your mission whose name was Lyn and said she went to Scotland for her mission. She said she’d check up on how I was doing through you so I felt good to have the first letter in my district. 
Miss you guys but at the same time not that homesick so don't take offense to that ;) 
What is the name of your District:
It's Mosiah. 
 I just got back from going to the store in town and so I have some time to say more. 
There are about 82 or so missionaries here and the food is healthy and in small portions so I’m keeping my weight and if anything losing fat and staying lean! :) 
Its been really good here and I’ve actually been so busy I don’t have time to listen to my music. I do have time to at night but I’m actually trying to not listen to it to have something to look forward to after my mission. I listened to it during the whole flight over though since we couldn't watch movies or anything. 
I couldn’t get any sleep at all on the flight. I actually bought a micro SD card converter for the computer to plug it in to send pictures so I'll send those to you. It’s been fun here and I’m having a good time.  I’ll try and see if I can send you some pics. If you end up not getting any then it’s because I couldn’t figure out how to load them on. 
I went through the temple this morning it was beautiful. It was one of those temples that you go into different rooms for the session so that was cool. Anyway I’ll talk to you next week and let you know where I’m going. Love ya mum.
Elder Tarbet

 This is my companion Elder Bangerter from St. George, and is a cool kid.

This is the view outside our window for our classroom our district studies in. Been raining a lot here but on some days the sun shines through. 'Ive actually not minded the rain. Makes it smell really fresh and clean.

 These are my roomates.

 This is our District, The Mosiah District

Went through the Preston Temple today! It was beautiful!

Here’s my haircut that I got today halfway through sending emails.

 Time to Unwind
Photo downloaded from the England MTC Facebook Page

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