Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Answers to Questions?

Hiya how are you doing?

I loved that miss up message you sent me.

How is the spider watch going?

We actually had a third wee beastie appear and I got on a chair and smacked it with my shoe and somehow it still survived to where I gave it another smack and it splattered all over the wall. It’s still up on the wall as a warning to the other spiders, so far it has worked.

Why did they give you a car?

We needed a car due to our area being huge. Before we got the car we spent half our day riding trains and buses to the town and back so it cut down on our finding time.

What has your weather been like there in Portadown?

The weather has been pretty good my whole time here. It has barely rained, it just goes from sunny to cloudy off and on all day. In fact it's been one of their driest August and Septembers.

So what is a typical day in the field like?

Our schedule is different depending on each day. On a normal day we get up anytime from 6:30-6:45 then we work out. Then we  eat breakfast and have personal study from 8-9 followed by companion study till 10. Then from there we go out.

How many dinner appointments do you get?

We have a dinner appointments every Wed, Thurs, Friday, and Sunday. 

Has Elder Cavallaro taught you any Italian dishes?

Elder Cavallaro has cooked pasta bake and carbonara pasta. 

Do you have a Family History Center there?

We don’t have a Family History Center we just go to the library. 

How did the bowling go on your PDay activity?

For bowling I won the first game with 100 and came in second in the next game with 98. We all played horrible though. 

Nothing else new really happened.

I forgot to tell you I got a letter from another Sister Edwards who said she knew you when you were around my age and you would all hang out in London together. 

Anyways love you

Elder Tarbet

PDay Bowling Activity, September 8th, 2014
Pictures from Elder Rex Forsyth


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