Monday, September 1, 2014

"A Wee Bit Of An Accent"

Hey it's been good here still. 
Been out for officially a month now crazy right!? 

 How are things going with Pedro's Sister, and Louise?

Our lessons with our investigators are going good and Pedro now got us teaching his cousin and her friend and were going to be teaching his other older sister.... so we got investigators by the tons coming at us! Haha. 
Louise is really progressing well though and I think that when we invite her to be baptized she will be. 

Her story is a little similar to yours where she felt truths and pieces were missing in the Catholic church and she actually went on an exchange when she was 10 and stayed with a family in Lehi, Utah where she went to church. She really likes church I think and is awesome! 

Did you have any Kebabs yet?

I did have a wee bit of Doner Kebab and that was my favorite of the kebab meat. In fact, this past Saturday, me and my companion each had a 10 inch kebab Calzone to celebrate me month as a missionary. It was delicious! But we fasted the next day for a member who is in the hospital and so it wasn't the best food to eat right before fasting.

 Doner Kebab (image downloaded from the internet)

What is Portadown and the Ward like?

Portadown is like a smaller version of Logan where everywhere is walkable in a way and the ward is smaller than Seaford if you can believe that. I love the ward though they are great!

Where do you shop?

We go to either an ASDA which is Europe's Walmart (a store owned by Walmart) for shopping and a place called Pound Land which is like the dollar store but much much better. 

Where do you go to send your emails?

We go to the library to email and do family history. 

I learned that there is a town called Tarbet in Scotland above Loch Lomund in the Arrochar area and the clan of that area were the MacFarlanes. I even found a website that you should go to to see since by the time I found it we had to go. 

The website is

The Clan MacFarlane Heritage Center, located in Tarbet Loch Lomond, 
(images taken from the internet)
MacFarlane Clan Crest and Tartan

How far away are you from the Church?

The church is about the same distance as our current one in Logan so not far. 

I saw some exercise weights in your apartment. Do you get to work out?
Aye we work out but its only one dumbbell that's 20 pounds so not much. I just do lots of push ups and core stuff. 

Have you met any other missionaries that you know, or were from Logan?

Aye I met an elder I went to school with but never really knew him that well.

Glad to hear that Timmy's keeping you guys company wish I was there to see him, tell him heya for me!  He's welcome to always bunk in me room and use any of me stuff.

Anyway were just going to be going shopping later today and going in to Belfast. I'll talk to you next week. 

Love ya, take care.

Elder Tarbet

PS. I bought a document that gave some history on the family name of King (Mom's maiden name) and it gave the crest as well and even says what clan they are apart of. The Kings are apart of the MacGregor clan. I'll take a picture of the document and send it to you next time. In the mean time here is the King family crest. 

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