Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Mission is Awesome!

Heya  how you doing? Everything is going good here.

Our investigator Louise is getting baptized on October 8th and she is going strong so I'm excited about having my first!

Elder Cavallaro is staying since he’s my trainer. He might leave next transfer, but you never know.

Some of the missionaries in the bowling picture are from other districts. Our district meeting picture is our whole district with the 5 companionships. Only Elder Hansen the one near my companion is leaving back for Scotland, and he’s going to the same zone Glasgow as last time.

Scotland didn't get Independence and everyone over here seems to be pretty happy that Scotland is staying. 

My mission is awesome I'm having a blast.  I know it’s crazy that I’ve been out for 6 weeks and it didn’t hit me really until I read Kyle’s email with him saying he’s leaving the MTC soon. Time is flying by and it hasn't felt like I've been out that long yet.

I may be keeping muscles but I’m also getting some belly fat which I’m mad at no matter how much I work out.

Got to have lamb chops this week and they were delicious.

I forgot my camera today so I’ll send some pictures of a typical Friday meal at Bro Dunnely's next time.

We’ve now had a total of 4 incidents with the wee beasties.

I’m going to message Wayne today and find out how they are doing.

Today is more of the email and cleaning/shopping part of the PDay and then we have to go proselyte because Wednesday is moves day which is basically another PDay for us.

It's been great having a car and I'm pretty used to driving on the left side now so driving back home will feel really weird.

I’ll let you know next time if anything else new happens.

Love ya, take care.

Elder Tarbet

District Meeting, September 16, 2014
Pictures from Elder Rex Forsyth

 Looking very "Bondish"

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