Monday, September 8, 2014

A Wee Bit Of A Beastie!

Heya  Mom & Dad, 

I'm doing good. 

Yea were still teaching Pedro and his family English but were unable to teach his sister and cousin and her friend this week but were going to try this week. 

We taught Louise the Plan of Salvation this week and I invited her to be baptized and she said yes!

We don't have a date yet cause we're letting her choose to not pressure her but still got me first baptism coming. 

I met the Keery's nephew that night he sent that message and were going to try and teach him a lesson for FHE next Monday. He's a good kid, I really liked him and Sister Keery said he really liked talking with me and likes me. 

Our trip was good and the next day we had a meeting in Belfast and we were given a car for our area!

Elder Tarbet with Elder Cavallaro
At The Belfast Zone Conference

 The Belfast Zone
Tuesday September 2nd, 2014
(Pictures courtesy of Elder Forsyth--Elder and Sister Forsyth Bottom far left)

So this week I've been driving around with me companion, if really feels good to be driving again. 

We are going bowling with the Sisters in Lisburn and the Elders in Holywood then have FHE later tonight where I'm doing the lesson. 

We had lentil soup at the Weirs last night which was delicious and super healthy. Other than that Doner and kebabs have been the most different food I've had. And yes I'm singing in choir. 

I'm trying to practice a bit of the lingo and use it but I still talk normal American. Just hoping if I keep typing it I'll end up speaking it.

If you find any other info for the family history and clan stuff let me know. 

Clan Campbell probably took over the area once the Macfarlane clan was disbanded so the Tarbets might have joined that clan after Macfarlane was gone. 

In other news (as I already mentioned)  we got a car this week! So me and me companion have been switching off each day to drive. It was so disorienting at first and horrible cause the first time I drove it was while we we're in Belfast cause we got the car at our Zone meeting. The first day was pretty crazy. Me companion clipped a bus and car with the side mirror then had me drive. 

Love you guys!

Elder Tarbet
PS. During personal study one morning me companion saw this guy nearly go up my leg.

And then like 2 days after right when we were about to have daily planning we found this guy. He went into me companions shoe and when he picked up the show it nearly got on his arm. Its dead now too. We're on spider watch now especially for the ones that "can hug you" as me companion said.

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